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they have rigged primaries for decades

that way you always get 2 milquetoast candidates and the actual election can be """fair""" because who cares

2016 blindsided them, and 2020 their hand was forced

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 > mitt romney gets re-elected for the dicktillionth time

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"when adults pray to God"

give examples of people getting apoplectic over this, thx

edit: what im saying is this sounds extremely hyperbolic, simplified, and linguistic propaganda

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Why is this news even here on t_d?

Who gives a fuck it's such a non-story, it's theater

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stop linking to the actual websites

archive the page first, then link it

you just gave politico thousands of clicks in ad revenue

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The ultimatum is actually the smart thing to do anyway

Wait til November to announce, don't suck the oxygen out of the room and become the lightning bolt for every anti-maga candidate running

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i've never seen once the proof this is bill or he is running these alts

its just as plausible its a troll playing the role, more likely - actually, as the comments made are flanderized to death

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Virginia Thomas, Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife

there, saved you a clickbaity click

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just like he cheered on pence on jan 6

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It is March 2025. Trump legally fires swaths of FBI, DOJ, and unelected swamp.

Uproar in media about dictatorship, executive overreach, unconstitiutional behavior, end of our republic.

Tim Pool: Trump needs to stop being reactionary and stay within the lane of democracy. The law is the law, I do not support this action. Catch my stream later as I discuss this with Ben Shapiro.

OP: in a corner sucking fat hogs

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Here come the Brian Griffins failing at firing off smug one-liners about a grifter who has on good guests once in a blue moon (this is redeeming for some reason), as if the grifter wouldn't immediately throw the entirety of maga (and the guests) under the bus given any random future mildly tepid controversial event threatening said grifter's audience reach

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curious, what would you say to the many gay trump supporters on this board

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"shaking hands with the air" is such fake news propaganda that does more harm than good

take a normie looking into this "shaking hands with the air" claim and seeing its blatantly biden vaguely gesturing "so, this way? or-?..." (which is bad enough if that were the claim, that he's so lost and clueless)

they see the video, see the claim of "shaking hands" is hyperbolic, and laugh it off as those typical right wingers spreading fake news

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Even if what she was trying to say came out right


"We need to get inflation under control!" new $1 trillion spending bill

Honestly unsure if more corrupt or more actually literally stupid

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where is he anymore anyway i want to check in

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graph is being represented disingenuously

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You sit there and watch Tucker, the equivalent of the Fox execs throwing smoothbrains like you crumbs of what you want (and holding back the actual good chunks, of course), while laughing all the way to the bank. Because now you'll vouch for them, as you are here.

Fuck ALL of Fox News.

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