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"coke" is exactly what I searched for too, as soon as he was unbanned I just had to find my favorite tweet.

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Hard truth: Most Americans are disgusting fat fucks.

Our relationship with food has changed. Consistent snacking atop 3 set meals a day is normalized.

We work desk jobs.

Our leisure is sitting on the couch watching tv / playing vidya.

Our food is poison.

Our urban design makes you rely on driving for everything.

If you want to be in good shape you need to make a lot of proactive choices to do so. Most people are too lazy and don't care.

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new gardeners have arrived

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They're often NIMBY's who live in the nicest (and whitest) parts of the US.

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Not that I think they are comprable, but no I don't. And thankfully nobody in my area seems to try to push them.

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Fuck John Money

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Yeah my wife likes watching it from time to time and she's very MAGA.

I've had friends who are anime and so I've made a solid attempt to get into it, but it's just not for me. I don't have a problem with others enjoying it tho.

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You can question the narrative while also extending sympathy to your fellow countrymen who were scared and confused about why their country was under attack.

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I'm no royalist, not by a long shot. I don't even agree with the idea of royalty.

But I'll never forget after 9/11 seeing on the news that at the queen's request, her guards played the star-spangled banner during the changing of the guard.


That gesture meant a great deal to me at the time. I'm okay with showing a little solidarity.

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I hate how widespread tiktok is. Literally ccp spyware yet everyone uses it.

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This video is great. Would be better without the background music though.

It's a shame that in recent years most of these political videos are now made as if they're some blockbuster movie, it's harder to get normies to take them seriously.

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I hate how funny this is

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Don't give them ideas

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I gotta say they're kinda nice looking cars tbh.

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