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Says the guy that posted this

We’re 0-100000000000000000000000000000000 at this point. Sorry I couldn’t continue doing zeros. My finger got tired.

“You sound doomey, we got this in the bag, also, we only lose 100% of the time”

Fucking retard.

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What does being a lawyer have to do with anything?

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Britt said that her recent appointment to the newly formed GOP Advisory Council was conditional on her remaining neutral in the 2024 primary election.

Yeah the reason is Ronna Romney McDaniel and the RNC said you can't join the committee unless you agree not to endorse anyone.

"This appointment is a true honor. I'm excited to work with Chairwoman McDaniel to build upon her successes at the RNC and to bring fresh blood into our party so we can effectively share our conservative message, defend our values and liberties, and fight for the future of our country," Britt said.



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McCarthy spent $9 million to take out Giglio in the primary. You're dissing someone who is the definition of America First/MAGA/Populist. There's a reason GOPe went full throttle to make sure he didn't make it to congress.

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Any actual Republican would already do all of the things David listed in that tweet. Those aren't concessions. The fight was to not let Kevin be speaker for a multitude of extremely important reasons.

You think Dems would have to get "concessions" like those from Pelosi or Jeffries? They wouldn't even have to ask.

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They filed multiple lawsuits before even the primary.

There should also be some added context to this thread title. The court denied the request to bypass the appeals court, so it will be heard there first. This order doesn't mean the Supreme Court of AZ will not hear the case.

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Enjoy your life faggot and please keep your word and do not come back. If you’re a real man you’ll delete your account and cry offline about NFTs.

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One thing to remember is that the judge didn't get to hear every single witness due to time constraints. Hundreds of affidavits were filed with the court on behalf of the Lake team. He'll be taking all of that into account as well, not just what we heard at trial.

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Lake won the primary by 5 points despite being outspent by tens of millions and her opponent having the entire machine behind her (lol)

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People not reading the ruling are given hope, and rightly so..."hey it's going to trial!"...then you look at what the judge actually said.

I'm not dooming, I'm hoping a miracle from God occurs. But it feels like we're being setup for something even worse than 2020. Dems: "See! It went to trial and you still LOST"

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Already selling for thousands on secondary markets. You think boomers know what the fuck a NFT or blockchain is?

Yesterday Trump releases the most comprehensive free speech platform of any political candidate ever and generates 4.5M within hours, what have you accomplished lately? lol.

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Yet they still sold out in record time. Cry more lol. Go cope with Daily Wire subscribers on twitter

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You're crying about a Hill / Biden headline. Fucking loser lol

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You fell for it too huh, that sucks dude.

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Of course it’s photoshopped. Post should have been deleted or labeled shitpost.

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