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sign on the door said no entry without a mask. The employees didn't even have on masks.

I see that often now.

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They approved one that's not available to the public to trick people. Look it up, the one that's being administered is still the EUA one

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It's an Eminem lyric on a track produced by Dr. Dre, who are both performing at this year's Super Bowl. It wasn't one of his early works either, it came out 5 years ago.

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"No standing" is a made up doctrine in the last century by liberal leaning judges. It allows them to punt any case for any reason whatsoever.

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He doesn't play, he doesn't get paid

He's willing and able to play, he's being denied by the team. There's a big difference, surely you aren't dumb enough to not understand that.

So far there hasn't been a single case where a court has sided with an employer in denying a medical exemption. Since you're clueless I'd recommend following lawyers on the forefront of this like Robert Barnes, who just sued Tyson Foods.

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You think the C19 vax is mentioned in a contract that was signed years ago? Nets can't medically discriminate on a religious exemption and violate a contract, this is basic shit.

The NBA announcing players won't get paid, as if the NBA themselves has anything to do with a contract between a team and a player, is no different than Biden's press release that all companies over 100 employees must mandate vaccines. It's nothing other than a press release.

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Says who? Show me the stipulation in his rock solid NBA contract that says they can withhold pay if he doesn't get vaxxed

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Is the Michigan rally being purposely ignored here? Been live for 40 minutes

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What a hilarious line

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Don't think that Michael Sam character ever played a single down. It was all a PR stunt

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That's what I'm saying..Trump is so popular that Trump-adjacent people outdraw the left's most "popular" politicians.

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...and SW is doing all of this for nothing. Biden admin put out a press release, that's literally it. They don't want OSHA to actually issue a mandate because they know it will be legally challenged and they'll lose. There's no mandate for any company anywhere.

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