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I was thinking it looks more like road rage from the video itself without any context

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All of my names on d2 and d3 have been trump or race related. “DoRight_DoWhite”, “WandsUp_DontLoot”, etc. lol

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That shit would never fly with me. My brothers father-in-law died and when they were saying bye only two people in total were allowed to see him. My sister in law and his mom. Nobody else could go in. I was heart broken. He was MAGA through and through. I told my brother he should have fucking told me because I would have had no problem running some fucking fat nurses into a wall while I escorted the family in. I’d catch a charge for that gladly. His family literally was not allowed to say bye. His kids could not say bye. That’s fucking bullshit and anyone who stands by for that shit should really rethink their priorities in life.

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I commented on the eyes. Deep fakes can’t get the eyes right yet. This is a deep fake.

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That looks like a deep fake. Deep fakes never get the eyes right. They look “dead” or something. We are physiologically designed to notice eyes and those aren’t real eyes on this video.

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But isn’t he brought in specifically to help analyze potential jurors? The other ones, I’m assuming rekieta, don’t have that expertise so they let him talk

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There are services that will put your pet to sleep at home for you. That way they can be as absolutely comfortable as possible. I’m sorry you have to go through this. As much as it sick, dying is just as much a part of us as living. It’s really weird but its all a part of the bigger picture. Keep your head up and know you did the most for her as was possible

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Right on brother! Don’t speed too much, load the trailer with the weight distributed properly, and just take your time. You got this!

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In this context it is 100% loob. I think lüb would be acceptable too. Maybe lewb. Lughb even.

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I’d generally agree. But I’ve never in my let met a person who saw a shirt that literally says “guns, beer, steak, freedom” and then proceeds to espouse almost everything I read and think about daily. She was the embodiment of MAGA and if that’s not Based then I don’t know what the fuck is.

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I’m a married man. Married to a Lady pede. With two blonde haired and blue eyed children. And one wife is way more than enough for me!

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Early training is key and I totally get it. If a chihuahua bites you it’s one thing but if a pit bites you it’s a totally different story.

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Thanks for the info. That’s all news to me! When we get a bigger house after trump/Desantis wins in 2024 I could see getting another American bulldog. The house just isn’t big enough for this big of a dog right now lol.

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Well now that I look again it could be an American. Hard to tell when they are making faces like that!

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That doesn’t look like an American bulldog at all. Source, I’ve owned one for 9 years and dog sat for my friends 3. They can be couch potatoes but they can also be very energetic. All depends on your lifestyle for the most part. Mr T is 9 years old and 120 pounds. When he comes into the room you better look the F out because he’ll sit on you and he takes up most of the floor lol. But he’s also been a sweetheart to both our children. Overall my absolute favorite breed of dog and it ain’t even close.

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My family is Hispanic. The older ones are very conservative. Mexicans that are newer to this country are much more conservative. When you start getting generations removed from the change you start to see a more 50/50 break out of dem/republicans.

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Wait. Where are her eyes pointed? The woman. Is she lightfoot 2.0!?

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