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Those death shots ( euthanasia injections) must be more expensive than those death shots ( mRNA injections).

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Then lower conscription, drinking, smoking, and sexual age to 16 too!

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Which is WHY we shouldn't fucking PAY THEM!

We also defend Israel, which allows them to blow money on NATIONALIST SOCIALIST POLICIES!

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At least the looters won't be offended during their looting.

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Migrants Loot, Rape, and assault people in Europe: "YAWN"

Native Farmers drive their tractors into the town square: "OMG WHAT THE FUCK, ARREST THEM AND WRECK THEIR FUCKING SHIT!"

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I ask this sarcastically.

Because protests just annoy normies right now who only "Consume produckt"

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Maybe slitting throats in people houses at midnight would be less disruptive to the normies....????

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I love Israel so much I want their policies for immigration, border control, and national defense....FOR OUR COUNTRY!

Oh wait that would get me called a Racist NAZI by Jewish people LIVING IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!

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When they get away with regular sinning we would be ostracized for like cheating on spouses, using hard drugs, etc...

They have to "up the ante" to be part of the "cool kids crowd"

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When you are bored with breaking "Normal People Taboos" Like Drug use, swinging, sexual perversion shit like BDSM, etc.....

And you have more money than sin and get away with all of the "Normal Sins" with no effort....

The "Next Level Taboo" becomes a power/status thing and is used as influence/currency.

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Name the only group of "White people" who are allowed to have "cultural pride".

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