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Texas isn’t a bastion of conservatism like our side’s “leaders” want you to believe. Deeeeeep red states are one of the easiest to psy-op the youth to hating their culture

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I’m sad that the neighbors to my south are getting the VA treatment…

Don’t let them do what they did here, man. Keep your GOP in check

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Exactly. I’m not saying become a terrorist or whatever. I’m saying give them a taste of their own medicine. Not an enema of their own medicine 😅😂

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They’re locusts and need to be treated as such.

They stole my county (formerly the bastion of conservative suburbia) and made it so Zuckerberg invested $300 million in “solar education” within 15 years. These people will not let up

Fight like hell man. You’re gonna need to it to save your home ❤️

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Lmao if you think needing to get your cock sucked is too big of a deal to save your society, then you’re a literal coomer.

Grow up. Not everything in life is about cummies. Some things are worth sacrificing to get a better tomorrow.

Also, porn popularized oral. Our great grandparents seemed to be hunky dory with vaginal sex.

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Cool. Get rid of it. I can’t begin to tell you how many girls I knew when I was 13 who were giving head like it was nothing.

Get rid of it. Retain childhood innocence.

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They’re mentally ill NPCs who are shocked to hear that people literally have an internal dialogue.

They don’t think. Just consoooooom like good little golems.

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Sticking to your “conventions” is the reason you’re losing. Point blank.

You’re fighting an enemy that hates you, doesn’t believe in the rules, and will gleefully ruin your life for a perceived wrong.

You cannot deal with them like rational people. You cannot treat these malicious entities as rational people. Treat them as rabid dogs—they’re akin to pit bull that just attacked a toddler. They are ideological weapons being deployed by the most evil people on the planet to make you lose your country.

“As a principled conservative, I believe that I need to bend over backwards to please my enemies while simultaneously hurting people who will help my cause because they have mean scary ideas. If you’re a far leftist, you’re welcome here! As long you don’t directly harm me, then we’re good! If you harm me at the ballot box, then I won’t do anything either! Can’t become like the left! I don’t believe in subjugating people, but I respect your right to subjugate me!”

I’m sorry if this is harsh, but this is reality. This isn’t the America Boomers inherited (and squandered). This is the America we let become perverted because we are too comfortable as a society.

Your ideas are welcomed to be shared, but please realize this mentality is why we have lost for the 60 years.

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Some more hypotheticals I’d never suggest:

  • if they have a Ukraine flag up? Burn it. Leave it in their yard.
  • if you’re a lawyer, run for DA. If you’re in VA, like a large chunk of this site seems to be, you’d literally be king of the county and apply the law exactly as you want ( u/Ghostof_PatrickHenry can tell you the horrors these sociopaths do to normal people) (see: Fairfax DA refusing to arrest protestors)
  • lobby your state reps to institute anti-abortion/anti-contraception laws. Whores won’t want to live there ➡️ Less degenerate society
  • lobby your state to institute anti-sodomy laws. Gays won’t want to live there ➡️ Less degenerate society
  • lobby your state to ban outside state/district donations for local, state, and federal elections. California, Massachusetts, and New York can’t influence your state anymore 😌

Make them want to leave

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Too many ReCUCKlicans in office rn. Be stealthy. Infiltrate. Bide your time.

Cowards will flee when times get tough. That’s when real leadership is needed.

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Hypothetical that I would never do or endorse:

If you see someone with a BLM sign/In This House We Believe/Biden/etc in their front yard. Throw a rock at their windows. Slash their tires.

DAs/cops in these areas? Don’t charge them.

Make it unlivable for them.

Just take a note from the left. Make them afraid to live in red areas with their degenerate beliefs. Use their own tactics against them. They’ll flee like the roaches they are.

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We need to start doing what the democrats do: make their lives fucking miserable for their beliefs.

You want to make me unwelcome in my own country then have the audacity to flee your blue state shithole to ruin my beautiful home? Fuck you. You’re not welcome here.

“Welcome to Florida! Don’t vote for what you left! Come on in, libtard! The water’s fine!” Isn’t how to change the country.

Bending down and getting continually ass raped because you want to “kill them with kindness” isn’t how you win this battle. You need to give them a taste of their own medicine. You need to give them what they have asked you to accept without any legitimate reason other than “bE a NiCe PeRsOn”

We have to realize that we need to start being exclusive. We have 5 First Amendment freedoms. Association is implicitly the right to exclude. Start using it.

Edit: Idea: Red Prosecutors take a note from the Soros DAs. Don’t apply the law to your side. I’ll let your imaginations run wild.

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You’re too kind!! This made me smile 😌

And that’s hard to do because I’m about 12 hours into a cross country move 😂

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I’m kinda liking my BigFoot of Patriots status 😂 makes me a lot more interesting than I am irl 😂😅

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Lmao 😂 I wish I had those benefits/salary. I’d get minimum a $30k pay raise 😂

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A steady supply of untreated mental illness seems to do the trick 😅

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What a surprise! Another VA GOP politician is ball-less when it matters.

Let this be a lesson, don’t think just voting in “the ousiderrrr” will fix anything. Likely, they were groomed to run for a reason!

u/Ghostof_PatrickHenry u/HansGruber7 u/slowmotrin thought y’all would wanna see this

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I sure as shit won’t relax around Shaniquas after working at a daycare with them for a few years

Edit: The women didn’t do anything like super egregious (that was the guy that worked there lol), but they were a lot more prone to being temperamental. Lots of work drama/impatience with the kids.

Others were fine. One of the women I worked with is actually a Trump supporter.

Still. Patterns are patterns.

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