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What’s funny is that like 74% of African Americans are purebloods™️. So unfortunately we will still have to pay for their AC in da hood

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Hi Matt! I was wondering what working on a major campaign is like? How do you get your message out in such a hostile media environment?

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Aussies are not only descendants of prisoners, but of their jailers too.


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Yeah, seems irrelevant to the article lmao

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I think he parents are helping him go on the run too.

It’s bread and circuses. Tragic for the girl, but bread and circuses nonetheless

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I remember the summer of mostly peaceful rioting when all we talked about was minorities getting “murdered.”

These people have the memory of a goldfish.

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Yup. The Founders sent plenty of them back in their day, but they also knew when to say enough is enough.

Personally, after this headline I’m getting closer to the edge: https://greatgameindia.com/breastfeeding-baby-blood-clots-vaccine/

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We live in a post-law society. This should shock no one.

We are governed by liars, cheats, and thieves.

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Why are we letting invaders in en masse.

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Nancy Pelosi’s dad was besties with the mafia back in Baltimore, so she came by it honestly

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Well I’m jealous. I see them everywhere in my liberal shithole of a hometown.

I hate commies so much frens.

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That would be the best timeline

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