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Imagine spending your time watching a DeSantis v. Newsom debate.

Hey, people like what they like I suppose.

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Doesn't sound healthy.

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He already served his sentence

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“Not a thing wrong with alcohol”

“weed is ruining society”

I know we make fun of leftists for being fucking retarded, but to anyone reading, we have in real time stumbled across the right side version of that same type of person. Wew lad.

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Doesn't sound like the flex you think it is, but hey, all the more power to you. Perception is a hell of a thing. Enjoy the time with the kiddo.

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Dude is actually incredibly talented

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Yeah they completely changed up the story telling approach, and was heavy handed with the woke stuff at times, but it almost felt like it was purposefully ironic. So idk. I'm sure they'll hang it up here soon.

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What's interesting is that they became in their personal lives woke-tards to an extent... but Nosewood pulled some of their episodes for "being culturally insensitive/stereotypical" or whatever, and they hit back on that in other episodes, so they actually are self aware.

I wonder if it's a keeping-up-with-the-Joneses type thing you have to bend to in order to make it in show business. Either way, IASIP in its prime fucking ruled.

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Disagree, chicks generally write very neat in my experience. Perhaps female handwriting, but written deliberately sloppy...female handler perhaps?

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This is some of the worst handwriting for a girl I have ever seen. Seems fake, almost. Fake as in related to having a handler type vibes.

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Time is fake and gay.

It's just an illusionnnn, mannn... hits blunt.

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Is this a surprise to anyone? I wouldn't even call this news.

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They don't think it be like it is, but it do

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Epstein's reach really was crazy. Kinda wild how a random nose gets picked into the Jay Gatsby type role

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