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Gotta run it by the FBI first, and if it checks out there and with Greenblatt, should be good to go!

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…wouldn’t a lifelong businessman from NYC be aware of the two-faced quality of people? Did he not campaign on “draining the swamp,” implying he was aware of corruption in the federal government?

I just can’t make the excuses anymore.

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For real. For quite a bit now, I’ve noticed threads have a few commenters of a certain quality…but this place has straight up been indistinguishable from reddit these last couple days.

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Ignoring that your comment is literally MSM script about 2015 Trump…

Our current president has dementia. I think we’d be ok with a bipolar guy in there. Realistically… seems the presidency is more so a ceremonial type of thing. TPTB run things.

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Everyone in these threads calling Kanye crazy..

Yet he’s unironically being continually proven right about the things he’s said lmao. Elon “cancel Cancel Culture!” Musk canceling, presumably after some pressure from somewhere. Sad.

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He’s said that he only fears God and realizes that you have to be willing to sacrifice when called upon.

It’s interesting, he’s gone from being known as like Mr. Ego…to…this. I think he killed his Ego and now doesn’t give a fuck. Everyone’s calling him crazy (like they always do) but he seems pretty..free.

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Kanye is ultra based. I thought the MAGA hat was a grifting back a few years ago, but dude has just dug further and further in. I love it.

And I love the seething and crying in this thread; the opticsfags in here are no better than the troons on reddit. Man, how PDW has fallen.

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"Don't give up!" ->

"Ok, so..vote harder? Seen two "elections" play out now. What else is there to do?" ->


This is more or less the comment loop in every thread.

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Oh god. I am having such a flashback. "Everything is a distraction, FOCUS ON THE AZ REPORT, Prayers for Cyber Ninjas!"

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He doesn't care, and that's what's so awesome. He has said over and over again that he only fears God and is willing to sacrifice his money and reputation.

Not quite Diogenes-tier but I love the ultra don't give a fuck attitude. You, being an opticsfag and still tethered to the Ego, just can't relate.

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He did the same during the Yeezus tour. Most people in these threads haven't actually followed Kanye for any amount of time.

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Whoa...a guy wore a devil costume on spooky day?? holy shit call the cops.

Is this what the average poster on this site has become? Is this actually where we're at?

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You’re always calling me ‘she’! Thanks, but call me “he’ sometimes!!!

Yeah that’s great. Now please face the wall

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Personally..I believe either on or shortly after J6, he was essentially made an offer he couldn’t refuse. Pardoning being a condition in that. So he chose to retire to the beach mansion to golf whenever and make a half-ass attempt at running in 2024, but that’s mostly to placate his base.

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True, I remember seeing some study about that. It’s the midwit-IQ-bell meme in real life. The lowest and highest educated both had the highest amounts of vaccine hesitancy

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“he’s got a reason that we probably don’t know about yet”

I have been hearing this shit for years at this point now. Wake up.

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Welp. Guess I better go vote harder in 2024, things are gonna change then!

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