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I’m in MA, live in a conservative / corporate Democrat area. No one wears masks here. Like you said, a few here and there. All the private companies, not a single employee wears one. Even some of the retail stores people don’t have them on.

Normies want to go back to normal. I don’t think they can muster a 3rd or 4th shot before flipping the fuck out

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My dad is as based as it gets, and he was telling me since the beginning of the steal, something like this is very hard for normies to comprehend because it’s never happened before.

But just think of how young our country is, and just because something like this has never happened doesn’t mean it’s something to not be believed. There was fraud and we’ve known about it all year, and now there is a portion of our government stepping up and taking the proper legal steps to right this wrong.

I know people here think our Republicans don’t do anything but if they actually did do nothing, just think of how much worse off we would be. We have people fighting for us everyday, and it’s tougher than ever before.

It’s our job to keep the momentum and push back the lies. As this year goes on I’ve seen more and more people talk of joining their local governments and getting active in their communities, which is great. I like to think that what I see on here is doubled by people who don’t post on here.

Our Founding Fathers lived under a tyrannical King, and it only took a handful of them to break free from his Rule. There’s more of us than them, and we have always had to fight to keep our Country great

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Don Lemon likes his ass fucked fast and hard, slowly isn’t a word he ever uses

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I was listening to this in the car and when the people there clapped I almost wanted to cry.

Doomers can GTFO

Big things are happening in this country

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The MSM is a political tool bought and paid for by the Democrat party, with funding from Soros.


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Yep. MC gave Cyber Ninjas access to those ballots purposely. All a misdirection.

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What Cyber Ninjas presented on the duplicate results was only for the ballots that THEY were allowed to observe.

Dr. shiva’s 17k duplicates are different votes than what Cyber Ninjas observed

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No that isn’t what they’re saying. They’re saying with what THEY WERE GIVEN, they found more duplicates for Trump.

What Dr. Shiva presented is different from what Cyber Ninjas is presenting

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IIRC Dr. Shiva ran against Warren and this was one of his slogans lol

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If any of them went to Trump, the media would know and people would have already gone to jail.

It’s always Democrats cheating

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Everyone takes the red pill at different times. We should be welcoming people who have been lied to for so long

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I’m sure when you finally neck yourself you’ll fit in with the other 41%

Until then, no one cares about you

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