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Woke Velma, sure. I don’t like any of them if they’re woke caricatures of the originals.

I saw in one of the newer movies they tried turning her into a lesbian. Of course my kids love scooby doo and we watch all the old episodes from the late 60s through the 70s. I love the old scooby doo shows too so I watch it with them.

Then I decided to turn on one of these newer movies they made and Velma is soaking her panties drooling over some woman and I’m like what the actual fuck?!

Do they have to fucking ruin everything?

The old show never included any form of sexual desire for any of the flipping characters. Why? Because it’s a fucking kids cartoon about solving goofy mysteries! It’s a subject that has no business being there in the first place. Let alone inserting the gay agenda shit into them.

I’ll never make the mistake of watching anything made past 2015 ever again when I watch something with the kids. And honestly, I prefer to stay way further back in time than that.

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How is it even possible for someone to read this and then to immediately conclude OMG WHO FUCKING CARES?


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Yes, internet searches to look and see what has been happening to countless people after taking Pfizer’s poison. Internet searches linking to the fucking creator of mRNA tech and how he’s trying to warn everyone that these shots are junk. And he’s just one of many phds out there who have come out and said that the shots are junk and that young people for sure should stay the hell away from them.

But please, keep making snide shit tier internet memes Pfizer, I can already imagine the jackass who posted this on their behalf sniffing his own fucking farts and moaning with glee afterward.

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The CDC is a glorified vaccine sales company at this point.

Don’t trust them in the slightest. Sadly, the Tuskegee debacle pales in comparison to the Scamdemic and everything that has happened in the last several years.

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He said in our communities. As in the neighborhoods that belong to the peasants. Aka us.

Guarantee he’s perfectly fine with government keeping theirs.

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Don’t think it works that way. They accepted a severance of 3 months pay to keep them afloat while they search for employment after being laid off.

And I assume they get to keep their health insurance for some amount of time too after leaving.

But that doesn’t make them current employees by any means. It’s done so that someone losing their job doesn’t get left high and dry with no way to pay bills or hospital bills in between jobs.

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Pfft, keep telling yourselves that as much as you want.

You can’t just keep repeating it like some magic spell or mantra and expect it to become true.

Trans men are women with their tits lopped off and a fake skin penis sown on.

Trans women are men with their penis chopped off and gaping festering wound left in its place.

Their chromosomal make up remains unchanged. Their bone structure remains unchanged. Their musculature remains unchanged. I don’t give a shit if you take the hormones or not.

You are born either a man or a woman, with extremely rare situations occurring where both sex organs are present.

But you CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT just magically switch from one gender to the other on a whim because of mental illness.

So guess what NHL, get fucked, suck a dick, and stop lying for virtue signal points. Assholes.

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Don’t count on it. We don’t have a government of the people, for the people, by the people.

We have a government bought by the corporations, for the special interest lobbyists, by the WEF.

And they could give a shit less about any of us. There’s still some decent people out there in government, but they either lack courage and just go along to get along, or stupidly believe what they’re told to do is the right thing.

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Which is why I have such fond memories of the Red Dinner, when Trump just tore into Hillary Clinton and every other demon that was there pretending to give a shit about Catholics.

It was so epic and if you watched it, you just knew the fire of the Holy Spirit was there in that room showing us truth.

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God also gave me a brain to rationalize truth from deceitful scams, and two eyes to witness what is happening to those who do keep blindly following these recommendations.

No thanks, China virus czar.

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This is probably the best description in the whole thread of what this jackass tried to pass off as a “scientific article.”

It’s absolutely baffling to me that someone had the gall to write this. It’s so insulting to even the dumbest of the dumb’s intelligence, that I find it crazy someone actually thought they could try to make such an argument.

It was bad enough when they said referees blowing whistles during sporting events was what was killing the healthy athletes. Then it was muh weed is causing stress and heart attacks. Then they tried saying women who used vibrators were somehow dislodging blood clots in their circulatory systems. I thought to myself at the time, you can’t get much more insane than this.

Lo and behold, because people are trying to warn others about the potential side effects and dangers of these mRNA shots, it is THOSE warnings that are creating the side effects, NOT the vaccines themselves, BUT THE WARNINGS!

It’s infuriating. Just plain infuriating.

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Look how low these nutjobs have to sink in order to fabricate their pathetic narrative.

Omg the grandfather supported Trump! This alone is why the shooting occurred!!!!! REEEEEEEEEE!

It’s laughable really if it wasn’t so despicable that they’d try to link some innocent man to the sins of his grandchild, and make him the target to their lemmings.

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I understand that, but what I was referring to was in context to what the op said, in regards to premarital and extramarital sins. There are those who are promiscuous or cheat in heterosexual relationships, but still judge others for their sexual sins.

I’m no perfect man, and admit it openly. Though have changed for the better over time and am trying to mature spiritually. I’m still fairly young, in my 30s.

I view homosexuality as a sin. But I also know I have done things in my life that I’m not proud of. So I’m not as quick to judge, hoping those who sin will repent as I have. I pray that they do. That’s why I said that’s the way that I view it in my comment.

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I see it the same. We’re all sinners, every single one of us. Judge not lest ye be judged.

But I will say this, when it comes to the little children, and how they’re trying to push their fetishes and sins upon them, that I get righteously angry.

Christ was very specific about what comes to those who would push evil upon children.

They need dealt with, swiftly.

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Wonder what the odds are this guy actually responds to the question?

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At this rate, they’ll still be claiming we’re in a state of emergency when our great grandkids are adults…

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While true, one certainly did get it. So if they WERE going to spend our money stupidly and irresponsibly, it would have at least been better if it went to actual Americans and not to fund some stupid proxy war that none of us want any part in.

I don’t think forgiving the loans was the right thing to do, but I get where this poster is coming from. The Republicans gleefully sent billions to Ukraine, yet it was egregious to even think of Americans at home getting a cut of the ridiculous government spending.

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Alex Jones ordered to pay damages in the amount of one Solar System’s worth of resources. Due in 2 weeks.

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I’m gonna say it now. DeSantis would be wise to bend the knee now, before that happens. If not, he’s going to end up in a similar situation that Ted Cruz was in back in 2015-16.

He’s gonna get blown away if he tries to run. He’d do so much better for himself if he buckles down, focuses on keeping Florida in good working order and building on that.

Then, he’d be poised to carry the torch in 2028. If he takes on Trump now, he’s potentially destroying any higher political aspirations that he may have.

We’ll see what happens, though.

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At least this cunt is honest about her intentions. She wants your homeland stripped away from you given away to foreigners.

And once you’ve become the minority in your own country, they will never give a fuck about “minorities or diversity” ever again.

It was always about destroying whites and their society.

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Piss off, it’s too late. Pandora’s box has already been opened up and people have seen what it’s like when someone who actually gives a shit about our country can do in office despite having the entire weight of the establishment fighting him and backstabbing him at every turn.

America First is the future of our survival as a nation. We either take our country back or it will eventually be lost. People like Paul Ryan are just scared that their gravy train stealing from the people will come to an end.

Keep fighting these bastards til the bitter end.

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I believe some of those in government are, and others are those who are controlled by them behind the scenes with blackmail, extortion, etc. And then there are those who just go along to get along because they don’t want the government giving them the same treatment that President Trump got.

So there are those with lack of a soul entirely, those who lack morals, and then there’s those who lack courage. All of them horrible for us and not fit to lead.

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