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Exactly. The bill of rights was made to limit the government’s power in order to have a free nation.

It’s not what the government allows us to do, it’s what WE the PEOPLE allow it to do.

This simple premise has been lost on so very many people. Some even WANT to become slaves of an authoritarian government. Which is about the most un-American thing I’ve ever seen or heard of.

Marxists are not Americans, they are traitors who despise free men and the greatest nation that was ever created.

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Basically what I’m getting at is it doesn’t matter what the hell they do. It can look bad and they’ll just lie and tell you how even though it looks bad, this is why it’s good. Or they’re enemy can do something that looks good and they just lie and say even though it looks good, here’s why it’s bad.

I don’t consider that optics. I consider that lying, and having enough money and influence to amplify and spread those lies.

Most of the people pushing them don’t even actually believe any of the shit they’re saying, they just say it because it advances their own interests in some other way.

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Yup, and his excuse was that if he didn’t do it, someone else would have. I assume that’s his justification for all of the evil things he does.

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Yeah, the optics don’t mean jack shit. It’s the media that amplifies the optics and makes it appear as though there is some consensus among experts that something is as they say it is.

They just lie with impunity while pretending to be impartial, and there are a lot of people out there stupid enough, or at least naive enough to believe what they say.

They do things that have horrible optics, the media just doesn’t report it. So no one cares as it gets memory holed.

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I remember hearing that, too. But if I’m not mistaken, their paths never crossed through work. I think the security gig was an outside company that had other locations they we’re doing security for as well.

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This sounds like the most believable reason that most of these companies do this crap. They want government subsidies or bailouts or some sort of favorable treatment from the government.

No one actually believes or gives a rats ass about this some crap, it’s all a facade for what’s actually going on. Movement of money from you the taxpayer, to someone else.

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I can’t even imagine being that police officer, just the absolute worst circumstances imaginable. How could he have ever known that doing his job that day dealing with another typical junkie was going to lead to being nationally demonized, getting arrested, and facing murder charges.


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Love it! I have the same p mag for mine!

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Fuck this made me laugh so hard! 😂

The sad part is that the title is very close to being accurate in today’s commie climate in Hollywood.

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I have a 1 year old daughter, so I can definitely relate when it comes to wanting to keep your daughter safe. I cant even fathom a world where she wasn’t around anymore or was hurt by someone like that.

I can only imagine I’d do nothing but see red until I was shot down or put behind bars.

You do what you think is best for your kid, I can’t blame you for wanting to protect them. I think most of these people berating you over it just looked at the way you worded it and made assumptions. Like you were going to come walking through the door making threats and calling other kids’ parents pedophiles.

So I just thought about how I would handle that conversation and made a suggestion. And I would probably try to get the point across without trying to accuse anyone of anything at the same time.

Hope your daughter is doing well, man. She’s obviously got a dad that loves her a bunch. Cheers.

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I think so, too. And honestly if you want potential care givers for your kid to get the message, I understand that as well. But there might be a more subtle route to go then directly threatening them and making them feel like they are being falsely labeled a pedo.

Because let’s be honest, a pedo is never going to come out and admit they are one, so I understand why you want any potential pedo to know that there will be ramifications if they ever try anything around your kid.

But for the sake of not driving away potential friends for your kid, bring the subject up in a hypothetical way instead of an accusatory way. Bring up something a little less inflammatory about safety in their home. Then you can bring up the point about how one can never be too careful, just look at how many kids have been abused in this day and age. Then you can drop the message by saying something along the lines that if something like that ever happened to my daughter, I’d fucking kill the pervert who did it.

That way, your daughter’s friend’s parent will get the message, and also most likely be inclined to agree with you. And if they are a closet pedo, they now know not to try anything.

Win win.

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Except these same types of people are controlling our schools, getting elected into positions of power, and running Fortune 500 companies.

It’s possible to not play at all, but not an easy task.

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This cancer needs excised or it will continue to spread, and we will end up in a dystopian nightmare future not too far down the road.

And we will be forced into a situation where you either kill or be killed. Nobody wants this to happen, but sanity returning to the public is looking more and more like a pipe dream every day.

Fight and resist these psychos with everything you have, now. Because if we don’t do it now, it might be too late down the road.

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Those 16 shooters are the only ones that get national media attention. That’s the difference, and it’s how you spot someone who only gets their facts from the fake news media.

Edit: “facts” wasn’t the greatest word choice, more like they get their disinformation from the fake news media.

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I hate Congress and I hate this government. They do not represent us at all anymore.

They are there to pass laws that benefit giant corporations and their friends and family. They enrich themselves while stripping us of what rights we have left bit by bit.

They are trying to consolidate even more power so that once they have what they need, we won’t be able to stop them.

Authoritarians pretending to be “democracy.”

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They only enforce rules that follow their narrative. That’s literally it. It’s been like that for quite some time now. To even think they truly give a rats ass about any of the shit they say is naive. They are only out to delete and censor if it hurts their interests as a corporation.

Just like every media company in this country. Fuck all of them.

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I’m all for calling out the leadership that sells out peoples’ livelihoods in the long run by getting in bed with these Democrat scumbags. I just see a lot of people talking shit on your common union worker when they aren’t the problem at all.

Some towns only have a few opportunities to get a good manufacturing job and most manufacturing jobs are union. You can’t blame a person for wanting to feed their family and work for a living. Especially when it’s one of the highest paying jobs you can get in a small town with no college degree or certifications.

But you can most certainly blame those who are fucking over their members and their respective mills and plants by supporting democrats.

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Union workers aren’t the problem, it’s the unions heads making these retarded endorsements because they think they’ll get their piece of the pie when it comes to money.

I work in a mill and 90%+ of these guys all voted Trump in 2016 and 2020. Our union president is a Trump guy, yet I still got letters in the mail from the union saying vote Pedo Joe.

It’s the people on top getting in bed with the crooked politicians. Most blue collar manufacturing workers are smart enough to see who stood up for jobs at home and who wants to sell us all down the river to the Chinese.

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Lol but we are some how the bigots.

It’s not even laughable anymore. These people have lost their minds. They’re part of a cult now. And there’s no coming back from that twisted kind of thinking.

They are using race as an indicator of worth, which flies completely in the face of what is needed to have an integrated society.

They want division and hatred, and it’s working.

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I’ll never forgive those responsible for stealing our election process away from us. This country is truly lost right now. Our political process is completely broken.

Our government has grown to the point of only wanting to enrich and benefit itself. The quality of our lives no longer comes into the equation.

Money talks and the richest of the rich control and own our government.

The only way to start fixing this is pass legislation that’s secures the election process and start using anti-trust laws to break up these corporations strangling the will of the people.

The intelligence agencies need splintered and replaced with law enforcement that is more transparent and able to be held accountable.

Right now we have none of these things. And we can’t just vote our way into getting it. I fear it’s going to take something far more drastic to get what this country needs.

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Amazing what being comfortable in your own skin and accepting who you are can do for your self esteem.

Most of these kids are probably just brainwashed into hating themselves, just like leftism teaches them to. Add trauma to that self-loathing and mental disorders like gender dysphoria can happen.

Loving yourself is is one of the most important things you can do. You cannot have functioning relationships and have the ability to love others if you can’t first love yourself.

I’m glad this person found love for themself.

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Wish the hospitals near me were like yours. I was lucky to even make it up into the waiting room is what the nurse told me. All I can think is how ludicrous that sounds, let alone the fact that I’m not allowed to go in and see the health of my own child.

Makes me wanna puke thinking about it.

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Lol seriously, I could give two shits less what any government agency recommends. I’ve been going where I want and spending time with whoever the fuck I want since this shit was released.

And I’m not stopping, idgaf who cries about it.

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