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A lot of people obsess over this idea that evolution is like Pokémon. That it’s a one way process toward more complexity.

It’s not. It’s all about mutations that naturally occur and how those mutations fare in a given environment.

A mutation might simplify a biological process and the organism might do better in certain environments.

Or it can go the other way. A more complex process could make them survive better.

Evolution doesn’t mean better. It just means a change in genetics and how they’re expressed.

You can literally watch it happen in real time if you gather a population of birds and start selecting for certain traits.

Evolution is real. It’s the mechanism for new species to exist.

I’ll straight up admit no one knows at all how life originated. I’m still willing to believe something divine sparked that.

I 100% believe in God and Christ is my savior. Honestly, if the Big Bang is true, how can anyone explain complete nothingness magically exploding into all matter that has ever existed in a split second?

I truly believe God was behind the creation of this universe, and possibly others. We just don’t understand enough, and probably never will. To fully comprehend the universe, you’d need a supercomputer larger than the universe I imagine. That’s never gonna happen.

People just have to be willing to let Faith and science coexist. My faith isn’t rattled just because science can prove certain things that don’t necessarily jive with stories from the Bible. God may have inspired men to write those stories, but God may have also put things in ways they could comprehend better for the time period as well.

I’m open minded enough to at least take that into consideration.

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Lol I wouldn’t call it cheap. It might be less expensive, but certainly not cheap.

Especially when a mere 2-3 years ago I could fill up with $40 or less.

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He was blacker than Obama so I guess that works 🤷‍♂️

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Yeah he is trying to make an Anti-Semitic point. The point is that YOU changed your name to sound more white and hide the fact that you’re a jew.

Why are you masquerading as a white person and at the same time trying to bash that which you pretend to be? If anyones an anti-Semite, it’s this Ian Black creep who doesn’t even have the courage to go by his own Jewish name.

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Lol I can’t even begin to believe this. She’s trying to cheat on you and YOU are worried about HER getting her heart broken?

100% troll. Only a complete simp soyboy that can’t get women to begin with would think like this.

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How is the exact reason they’re criticizing him a straw man?

That’s either a complete retard or a shill/bot.

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It could just mean that they’re using it faster than they can replace it currently because of shortages. And if they don’t do something soon they will run out completely.

At least that’s how I understood it.

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It’s a chess term. Basically the moment when the opponent knows they’re going to be checkmated no matter what they do.

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Lmao too funny. Just think of the retards that sat and dreamed this up as some big win for Joe.

Durrr them Ultra-magamabobs gotta quit the malarkey now!


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I think you just sold everyone on this idea 🤣

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That’s an interesting idea actually

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I’d have to agree. Whether it’s news or a meme or Trump messaging is kind of self evident really.

It’s gotta be good content for people to wanna keep seeing more of the same.

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There lies the problem. I see this happen all the time. Something gets stickied, and it’s a great meme. But then you have a bunch of ppl butthurt bc it’s not serious enough for them. They go off about better use of stickies.

Then I see quality information getting stickied and ppl are bitching because now it’s just a boring news site.

There’s gotta be a medium. We want to be informative here. T_D was fucking ELECTRIC back in the day when the Podesta emails were dropping and people were digging and digging through the rabbit holes. Same with Hunters laptop.

We gotta let loose and have fun too. Quality memes are must. If we ran nothing but news this place would get depressing really really fast. Especially with this train wreck admin that’s usurped the White House.

It’s a fine line to try to walk, and not everyone is gonna be happy all the time. All we can hope is that most people enjoy the experience and wanna have fun AND learn as much as they can.

Slow news days are a thing as well.

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Yeah, sort of a strange stance to take and weird way to differentiate two men.

You’re using a topic that doesn’t differentiate them at all. And I believe that’s on purpose.

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You’re right, he did. man it’s been a while since those days.

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Yup, it was exactly the same for my wife. She pumped religiously and we could never get more than 30mLs almost every time.

It’s basically a full time job itself for some women. And she’s dead on with the machine and sterilizing everything all the time. I can’t imagine if she had tried going to work right after our kids were born and trying to keep that regimen up.

It’s looked exhausting, and I wasn’t the one who had to have those things pumping from my body on top of caring for our kids.

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I was on formula from birth and never had a problem learning ever, I graduated at the top of my class.

And on the other hand, some mothers just have trouble producing a lot of breast milk. We breast fed both of my children, but my wife couldn’t produce in large enough quantities to keep it going past 6 months. She tried and tried and pumped and pumped, but could never produce more than 30-40mLs.

Even tried eating the lactation cookies and several other things. Not every woman can pump a whole bottles worth in one sitting.

Sure breast milk is great, it also helps baby’s immune system after birth. But lacking it isn’t going to give your kid a learning disability. That’s preposterous. And it isn’t going to put your kid on the autism spectrum either.

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It’s because they literally destroy their sexuality. Men are at their most happy when they can feel comfortable in their masculinity.

Women feel most happy when they are comfortable in their femininity.

These people destroy any chance at having either. They’re mentally ill and their brains are telling them to mutilate their genitals because they are the wrong sex.

Except there’s one problem. Mutilating yourself and shooting up with the opposite sex’s hormones doesn’t transform your gender. It just leaves you mutilated and never able to have any sort of sexual pleasure ever again for the rest of your life. Not to mention the disgusting smell of the wound you now get to live with.

This meme is dead on and I’ve been saying the same thing for years. You don’t tell anorexics that they actually are fat, you don’t tell the schizophrenic to listen to the voices is his head. And you sure as hell DON’T tell the tranny that they actually are another sex just because they’re deluded into thinking they are.

It does nothing but harm them. Doctors are fucking greedy pieces of shit, making money off doing this to people. Even CHILDREN, and that makes me beyond disgusted. True evil exists. The Uniparty supports this bullshit because it’s just another minority and subgroup they can divide us into and use as a wedge issue to strip away even more of our freedoms when they pretty up authoritarian legislation.

They’re using these people the same way they use every other minority they pretend to support. It’s pathetic and nothing but pandering for the sake of their own power to grow.

Problem is, most people are dumb and want to side with the people saying all these nice things to them and pretending to find them so brave.

The people who actually still have their humanity and are willing to tell the the truth for their own good don’t come off as nice or as supportive. But sadly, they are actually doing these people the biggest favor.

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Lmao he must have been SUPER DUPER ULTRA quiet about it!

Elon just didn’t hear him.

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“Was surrounded by anti-black propaganda.”

“Did not suffer the effects of misinformation.”

🤣 these idiots crack me up.

They’ve mental gymnastics’ed themselves into positions that make them look so fucking idiotic that it’s hilarious.

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I’m tired of these fake arguments made in bad faith. The FEDERAL government has no constitutional authority in the matter. That’s all reversing Roe v Wade would do is send it back to the states to be decided upon on a case by case basis.

So if there are states where people want it outlawed, they can pass laws to do so. If there are states where people want it legal, they can pass laws to make it legal.

The federal government isn’t forcing women to have babies against their will. The government is saying I don’t have the authority to say one way or the other what you can and can’t do. It’s up to your state to decide.

Women are voluntarily having unprotected sex. And in the case of rape, I actually don’t have any qualms with terminating that pregnancy as long as it’s caught extremely early. I assume after being raped most people are gonna be smart enough to be looking for pregnancy as a possibility and not waiting months down the road to see if they’re pregnant or not.

Also I’m not going to argue against the cases where the mother could die or the child is going to be born without a brain or some other horrific deformity that will absolutely guarantee a miserable lifeless existence.

That’s as reasonable as I can be on this issue. Using abortion as a form of contraception is just lazy, irresponsible, and evil. Especially these freaks that want to abort babies up until birth and even after. Those people are fucking demonic.

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I don’t care what they call their racist bullshit.

Still ain’t supporting it.

Equal protection under the law is all the special treatment anyone deserves. If your community is continuously breaking the law, refusing to participate in society, and being irresponsible, then it is up to them to better themselves.

And I don’t give a fuck, that can apply to any race. You don’t deserve special treatment and advantages at someone else’s loss just because others aren’t pulling their weight who look like you.

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He’s saying the application for the position asks the question:

Are you a degenerate whack job?

And she answers Yes and yes to both.

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