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It kills me that "Tired of the ghey shit, im not a fag" isnt on that list

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Its quite possible that he doesnt actually care about cars, but is using tesla as a cover to bring out technology that will help advance the human race.

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The guy or lesbian calling for rape is soy leftist. unhappy, will never have the remote posibility of dating a normal girl and fantasizes about raping all the ones that would refuse him and may even have a criminal background at this point. Demons are real

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dont press her, she sounds like she is capable of escaping. let her do it on her timeline.

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I wouldnt mind infiltrating one of their camps by putting on one of their uniforms and stealing a boatload of boxes and laundering it for money to russians where i can take the fiat out of the system and buy bitcoin with it MGS style alegedly

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so then what about all these people in the highest positions of power all claiming to be jews that hate God and rape kids?

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he also looks like a she.

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thanks. wish i knew about this in 2016. would have been magical ✨

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first time seeing the video. ive seen the still in memes plenty of times. is it really a woman? even the scream sounds male edit: ah, just had to watch past the gargling. he is a she

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that 7 is an 11 in my book. HOT AS HELL 🥵🥵😍

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hes also basically a ninja. i cant wait for court fiasco where the whole case gets dropped because everyone on the prosecution team end up "vanishing" or dead with a little sewing pin in the back of their neck

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anyone have a video link to bidens win and an aufience of seals honking in jeeps?

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he didnt say they = black people. you are brainwashed and you see words that dont exists.

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