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Yea, the difference is nobody really gives a shit about weed shops anymore. Try that with a gun shop and see how fast the state/feds react.

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Worst or best? If anybody can get around the russian import ban for firearms, it'd be this guy.

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I'll take "things that never happened" for $500 Alex.

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Especially when one of them is being used to accelerate said subjugation.

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As is everyone else. As such, speculating is all you can do. But rejecting a case due to being too generalized or having a (legitimate) lack of standing is far more logical, even in today's clown world, than rejecting it because they're all secretly in on some global plan to fuck over the citizens of the US.

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Likely rejected due to the case being too broad. There were basically two different plaintiffs (Facebook, Dominion) with two entirely separate charges. If they had limited it to one or the other it likely would've seen more success.

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The entire article (well, at least the readable portion since OP is a faggot and didn't provide the sauce) is an exercise in gaslighting.

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Hey wait a minute...

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It's a good thing the bullet was in the kitchen. Would've been outright scary if it had been in the fence he's permanently perched upon.

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Hey I didn't know Ben Shapiro was a tranny now.

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muh womenz bodeez

Literally nobody is actively "messing" with women's bodies. They know that. The argument is nothing more than a cover for women who want to assume zero personal responsibility and slut around with zero repercussion.

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Doctor, I will pay you to cut off my boobs, I want to be a man.

Umm, okay I guess.

OMG, why did you do this to me?!?!?

Because you as-

This is an outrage, I'm suing you for everything you have!

And people wonder why healthcare is so expensive in this country....

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Exactly. There's a difference between "can make a logical connection" and "hard proof". We now have the later which is far more convincing and carries far more weight.

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I bought Rittenhouse a few years ago for the memes but now I keep it as a staple in the bar. Was a pleasant surprise.

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Because, in the even a lawsuit is allowed to proceed, they now have a scapegoat to pin things on (the county officials who certified) instead of bringing the actual criminals to justice.

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I'm assuming the camp was empty correct?

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The one in the middle's a dude, the one on the right is disgustingly obese and the one on the left is faker than pro wrestling.

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This is how it starts. States start banding together to solve problems outside the feds which will invariably lead to more and more state independence. More states see this and join in and then you have an entire bloc of states thinking "we're doing all this shit ourselves, why do we even have a fed government?".

Would've been a slam-dunk move had Lake not been cheated out of the governorship in AZ but we work with what we've got.

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But muh parties switched...

...several times...

...and only when it benefits Dems.

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