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Maybe he caught it when he elbowed the other guy in his face.

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Sad. They put their politics over actually fucking helping people. Did they think people would sit back and just accept their racism? Maybe they did but as we see, get woke go broke.

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Thank you even though this is a sad, but truthful, insight.

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I looked this up and am ashamed to not know what it meant. It's a strange thing though because you eventually realize commies keep these articles up only because they don't think they're commies. But if they took the articles down does that mean they stopped being commies or went full commie?

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When his handlers put it on a teleprompter (hint: never)

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I know you're probably joking but I'll point out that lots of European people have high cheek bones. Pocahontas showed her IQ when she mentioned that in the first place.

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We are committed to equity, inclusion, and anti-racism. We are an equal opportunity employer and we strongly encourage Black, indigenous, people of color, women, people with previous felony convictions, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and others who identify with underrepresented groups to apply.

Holy hell Batman that's some cuckery!

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Privileged white people turn backs on black man wanting to join their parade

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In a mostly peaceful protest

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Exactly what I thought.

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