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True. Our dollar only had value because the rest of the world pretended it did, mainly because of the petrodollar and our military presence throughout the world. Well, we've printed sooooo much worthless excess dollars that the rest of the world just can't pretend that the king has a fine set of clothes anymore.

Now other countries are free to state the obvious....the US dollar has no clothes. And Brandon put the final nails in the coffin, with his continuation of counterproductive stimulous and PPP 'loans', as well as fucking up the petrodollar. That's something that will be hard to recover from, if it's even possible.

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Just a reminder: Trump famously does not drink at all. So when he's at social gatherings and others are tipsy or drunk, Trump has ALL his faculties to listen to what is blurted out in drunken hazes by others.

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In-shor-ance policy. Just like Biden was for Obama. People who hated Obama didn't want a Dolt-in-Chief, and that was before Joe was fully afflicted with dementia.

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Who downvoted this? This is the first comment I've seen from you I absolutely agree with! Perfect caption.

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Think of all the good paying informant and spy jobs she will create!

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Dare to dream. The Clintons are a lot like Typhoid Mary. They're carriers of the suicide virus. They spread suicide to others, but don't suffer from it themselves.

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81M voters cared about a dead criminal who OD'ed, more than they cared about their own lives, or their own country. Take or give a few million fraudulent votes, of course.

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The last Twitter fag got honeypotted by a guy who really had to go above and beyond taking one for the team on that one.

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Sick fuck administrators and teachers approved that deviant bullshit to be on the school walls. Time for the school board to take a hard look at what's going on in that school.

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Example: No foreign nation is airlifting baby formula to the US. I haven't even heard of any country OFFERING to ship us baby formula. Our very bestest ally, who takes our tax money while begging Americans to feed their elderly on TV, but totally doesn't need our money? No bottles of formula sent. The rest of the other 100+ countries the US pays off every year? No formula sent.

Ingrates, all of them, and yet ANOTHER reason to end ALL foreign aid, right now, including cutting off Ukraine. Make Politicians' Kids Work Honest Jobs Again!

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Why do you think there will be perp walks? Brnovich already had all this info and sat on it. He's obviously been threatened or promised something to intentionally overlook all this. What changed?

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Actually, that's true. See: Carter Page, the Trump Team, General Flynn, Tea Party groups, the J6 political prisoners, etc.

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According to police, Williams’ gun went off while he was tussling with the officer after cops responded to a disorderly crowd on Lorillard Place on January 19.

Williams — a member of the Reywey Crew, a subset of the Crips – stepped toward a white car and put his hands in his pockets, cops said. When police asked him to show his hands, he refused, which led to the struggle.

Classic self defense. You don't have any right to lay hands on me just because I won't take my hand out of my pocket. He's a free man, not a dog.

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Not an idiot. He's smartly saying he didn't know it was bullshit, vs. being involved in the scam.

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FBI: We were innocent victims. We didn't know it was bullshit, which is why we spied on Carter Page for over a year!

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Poland and Hungary might be the only places left in the world to flee to for safety once the US collapses once and for all and becomes Zimbabwe II.

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Seems like we should pause on electing Muslims to any position of importance until we can figure out what the Hell is going on. That policy USED to be effective.

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