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Absolutely. I have no problem with vaccines in general.

I have a problem with fucking experimental mRNA vaccines simply because there has not been an mRNA vaccine before that would make it to phase 2 clinical trials.

Now everyone is pushed to get one and talking about the risks is a wrong think!

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Yes because there never was an sql injection in django, wordpress, ruby on rails, ....

Fuck you for calling our side morons for an error that anyone can make. You should give them support and if you are so good at web sec maybe you can do pentest for them instead.

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of these is that is entirely possible that it’s nothing but disinformation designed to hurt Gab and make them chase their tai

Good point, show me my password hash if you want me believe you really hacked Gab.

Just like when Biden got hacked (or left his computer at the repair man or whatever) and the data leaked - we got the data so anyone can verify it's real (including DKIM email headers).

Yes "trust out, we got all the data" from lying MSM propaganda .... it very well could be just another bullshit.

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I trust him because he shits (tells the truth) about mainstream media. Kinda like Donald J. Trump. And we do here as well day in day out.

If you want to win the culture war by sucking up to them ... that's fine, you do you

The hack shows they have shitty security yes, but again, I don't care it's all public anyway!

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Personally, if I would have done the “hack” I would have said the same thing and kept administrative information I may have gotten for myself. 🤷🏻‍♂️

But you are not trying ot hurt them as much as possible..

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What? Everything we post on Gab is public anyway.

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Gotta love that what they got is ... public posts and hashes :).

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There is a massive bullseye on their backs because they are fighting bigtech and the propaganda machine and succeeding. Torba shitting on legacy media is a good thing.

Gab has been there for years and only now getting popular - it does not come fast.

But the hack is indeed bad.

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What? You still use direct SQL for perf optimization so it can happen.

Gab is running on their own servers and lately is scaling nicely and tv.gab.com works better than rumble or bitchute. They are doing a great job.

I have not noticed any fuckery on Gab and I am not aware of any leaks (but everything I post on gab is public anyway). Are you referring to the statement by Andrew Torba?

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Why does LN work only for institutions? Because you need to be famous enough for people to make connections to your hub?

XMR is fine too. You can keep using your BCH. Kinda worked out in the end didn't it. However, gab accepts BTC only for example, and I have no problem with it.

Is Bitcoin ABC result of those tactics as well?

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Personally I prefer big blocks and on-chain transactions only too.

LN is super complicated and that thus not instill confidence.

Agreed, however, the network - miners, nodes, exchanges, users - has chosen (yes because bitcoin core shilling was stronger) segwit. I can live with that. It's still much preferable to any non-cryptocurrency form of money.

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Only reason in fundamentals is in big blocks and little bit fuckery in bitcoin cash to make 51% attacks harder because they dont have enough hashpower so they got attacked before.

It's fine to shill Bitcoin Cash but keep i truthful.

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You mean if China and NSA collaborate they can pull 51% attack? Likely.

They can't both do a seperate 51% attack, by definition, right.

Note that 51% attack means that you are only able to doublespend. You still can't modify the blockchain.

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Musk is (almost) spot on but got twisted by MSM (as always).

Gates and Yellen probably just doing as they are told, couldnt be bothered to look into that - it's just swamp, same old same old

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