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Anaconda must be prowling about with his 7 accounts.

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I don’t think many here consider that to be reality. I can assure you it will be one.

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Welcome to New Johannesburg! Also try New Capetown. Sure the statical chances of you being robbed, raped, or lynched simply because you’re pale are astronomical, but diversity is really something to see!!

Wisconsin - 2025

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I emigrated here through two countries and fought for visa and green card. Where I live, we want to be left alone and are being messed with. Patience is waning.

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You’re not alone. It is my wife and children this year. My side fought emigrate here for freedoms then gave all theirs up for this shot. Her side is just annoying and we avoid them. No shot or anything. They’re just fucking stupid.

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The clothes might be ugly but damn if they aren’t the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. I have a couple pairs because of that and work in the barn in them. Endless pockets and cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

But yeah they’re rough on the eyes.

by Bullgod
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If only I could take you guys into a hologram of my home in South Africa from ‘89 to ‘95. I swear to god the shit they’re doing here is almost verbatim. It’s just not as localized. Blackouts were followed by disappearances and looting etc. There’s not ‘ApArThEiD’ here but they treat you guys the same as us Boers. Please don’t take it like we did.

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And people here STILL think we’re not in a race war. It’s simply not fully kinetic.

And yes I’m aware, ThAT’s WhAt ThE ELitEs WaNt. Fucking duh. But I’m not going to have to fight the elites kinetically at the next potential gas station I go to. Know your enemies domestic and abroad.

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This. P.win will screech we’re giving in to what the elites want. As if chanting a new form of ‘I’m not racist’ will keep them from running your kids over. Knowing your enemy and open warfare are two different things. Be ready and know about both just in case.

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Oh good! If you know where they are, please tell me. Last I saw they lived outside Johannesburg in ‘95. That was when America ignored the vengeance killings that piece of shit Mandela loved.

Tell me more about how my family is still alive and thriving.

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You can badger on about how anyone is being used, but the crimes still take place. My niece was still buried. My uncles still shot for their skin color. If you somehow think that screeching that the elites are trying to divide and conquer us is going to stop them from cutting your throat, then I have no idea how to help.

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Been to Africa? It’s pretty common there too. Look up the general who tore children’s hearts from their chests and ate them before battle.

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If whites let this go without losing their fucking minds, this will become South Africa. I promise. Then this time next year, reports of another little white girl being raped to death will be common news.

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And earlier I had someone reeee at me about how color does not make one guilty of another man’s crime. How about ALL SAME COLOR ARE DOING THE SAME CRIME.

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There are but two parties now. Patriots and traitors.

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Indiana Jones did a hell of a job convincing people in a single scene that Nazi’s burned all the good books. Nope. Just child porn and tranny commie shit.

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Please my friends listen. This is EXACTLY how the fights began in South Africa. Murder and rape of young girls or children. If we do this. If we go hot. We MUST be RUTHLESS. My countrymen just wanted it to stop. Now they’re slaves or dead.

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It may be a satirical band, but as Powerwolf says,


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Get the fuck outta here. Black alignment with the murdering of white children last night showed where their alliance lies. Go with them while you’re at it.

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