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Carter got rid of the Civil Service exam in 1981 (after losing and before Reagan was sworn in). The entirety of the federal bureaucracy is functionally retarded.

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Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

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If I can get my old man, who is 80 years old, on here anything is possible.

The only downside is that he needed a translator.

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The states legislative branches need to take all authority and influence away from organizations like the ABA and the AMA.

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"In 2022, innovative Republican candidates, a very few, mailed postcards to every voter in their congressional district. The cards that came back = NON-DELIVERABLE ADDRESS. They challenged ballots sent to these addresses, and perhaps they sent volunteers to find some of those accumulated ballots."


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We need to give NH, CT, MA, RI, MA, and ME to Canada. While we're at it, just give NM back to Mexico.

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One of my favorite writers calls him the "brain damaged hobo". Personally, "brain dead bum" rolls off better off the tongue.

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The courts have determined the rules of the game. Either we play by the new rules or we lose. If the new rules are that we fill out millions of mail-in ballots...play ball.

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This country is a federation of independent states bound together by a Constitution that severely restricts the power of the federal government. However, that too is dead.

It's time to get in the fight as to what come next instead of screeching about muh Constitution. The Constitution is dead, HAS been dead.

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I live in a red sate in a red district. The only competitive race is the primary. My U.S. House Rep has been sending out flyers telling us not to send money to him, but to competitive races in other states.

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The regulations, and the headaches that come with them, drove my brother out of private practice. It's a shame because he's the kind of doc you'd want to go to. He only stayed in private practice as long as he did because he didn't want HIS patients going to morons. Now he works 12 hour shifts in emergency rooms and is happy.

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It's the same in every profession. I'm a Civil Engineer, and we have at least ten people shuffling papers and coming up with "policy" per engineer. My brother is an MD, and his estimate is at least 50 per doc (not including nurses and other licensed medical professionals). I'd say that, maybe, 10% of the hangers on realize that they are in a support role. The other 90%? Well they think they're in charge don't they.

Why you ask? Compliance with federal, state, and local regulations they answer.

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The United States was drug, kicking and screaming, in to this gobalist bullshit. The people wanted NO part of WWI, but Wilson and the progressives pushed us in to it. The people wanted NO part of WWII, but Roosevelt and the communists pushed us in to it.

We don't need an empire, we have all of the resources we need right here. Time to reset the clock to December 22, 1913.

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THIS! My parents are Silent Generation and my old man is just now awakening to how screwed up doctors are. For the majority of his life, doctors, federal law enforcement, the military, hell even politicians had lines they wouldn't cross, but no more.

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"doctor walks in and the first thing he says to you: "are you a boy or a girl". Me: Are you fucking illiterate? Can't you read the form I filled out while I waited 45 minutes for your overpriced services you retarded fuckface?

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"She has over 15 years of experience working in the financial and government sectors"

15 years experience wasting your tax dollars. Taxes are theft.

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How is the whole, wizards of 4chan, turn the whores in to the IRS going these days?

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