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Meanwhile Trump supporters that simply shared a meme have been permabanned for the past 2 years

by Roty
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Communists banned for one day. Meanwhile, Trump supporters are still banned after years for absolutely nothing.

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Imagine having an entire election stolen from you and then having to lower yourself to Speaker of the House. Not happening.

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Isn’t Trump the one that’s been constantly retruthing “Q-tard” references and slogans over the past few months? He literally posted one just yesterday that said “The Storm is Here”.

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Only 2% of the population… yet every single time…

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It’s not the platform.. it’s the endless posting of boomer articles that cover shit we already knew weeks ago

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Diversity hires are at least good for protection

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Difference between Elon and most politicians (even the ones on “our side”) is the fact that Elon actually delivers

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Which was the literal team supposedly created to stop child porn and child sexual exploitation on their platform. Did they do that? Fuck no.

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Even if I didn’t know who that lady was there is no way in hell I’d let my kids around her. She has that same sick grin as her pizza boy uncle.