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The top left photo in the collage says A LOT I reckon.

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Cars that run on oil are real cars. Tesla's aren't cars.

To hell with EVs. And fuck all future alt fuels. Oil is king.

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Physically removed from society.

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Imagine being a construction company boss and facing hefty fines because women don't want to be in the construction trade

🤡 🤡

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Friendly reminder that auto companies who ditch proven technology such as fossil fuel burning IC engines are not your friends, nor do they deserve your money. They are woke traitors.

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Tomboy on the right. Meme ruined by coomer culture degeneracy.

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Reminder: out of all the Australian states, Victoria is the state that's fiercely left wing. Leftists outnumber right wingers here. It sucks here.

This motherfucker faces an election in November next year and he's going to win. Bare in mind we've never used voting machines here so there's no need for corrupt/stolen elections. All votes are manually counted.

Victoria is overrun with leftist retards since the dawn of time.

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I heard this news report on the radio at work last night and the people within earshot of the radio exploded in laughter and disbelief. Supervisor did an Admiral Ackbar 😂

This also isn't the whole country, this is just Victoria, our premier is a CCP shill.

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20 years ago here in Australia, most shops were closed on Sundays, shopping centers were ghost towns, the roads weren't jam-packed with cars, until sometime in 2006/7 something changed and now (before pandemic) shopping centers were very busy on a Sunday and there'd be traffic jams.

R E T V R N.

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Helicopter rides are usually reserved for commies but if trannies aren't communists but probably libertarian or otherwise, they also get it.

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Conservative porn star is an oxymoron.

One day, all the producers and actors/actresses in that will get the bullet.

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In Australia, some cunt leftist youtuber propagandist larping as a comedian and journalist has an obsession with the NSW deputy premier and slandering him as corrupt with no proof whatsoever. Same person and his team tried to humiliate him at a university event dressed as Mario and Luigi but that failed.

Not only that, he rented the deputy premier's home on Airbnb, literally posed with submissive sex slaves and allegedly had sex on his bed with the same sex slaves.

All beautifully coming back to bite him on his ass. Long time coming.

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Fun fact if you didn't know: the cyberpunk genre was invented in the 1980s by far left Marxists.

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The Catholic Church went to Canada and civilised the indigenous and those who resisted assimilation were rightfully dealt with.

No genocide happened. The Catholic Church did nothing wrong.

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