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Aye. Here's a picture of one such Liberian and his slaves: https://surfer.brightworkresearch.com/s1/Americo-Liberians.jpeg

Look at me. I am the massa now.

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And the freed blacks started enslaving the local population not long after they moved there.

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Probably a bit more than that too. She probably called on other troons to carry out similar attacks.

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Fuck off lolberg leftist with your revisionist history Century of the Self faggotry:

"Free White persons of good character" - signed into law by George Washington.


You fucking retards always try to push some absurdly jewish melting pot revisionist faggotry into everything. Get your 1960's gay boomer shit out of here. They didn't have a war to drive Mexicans out into Mexico just so dumbasses like you would let them right back in.

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On the contrary, you are being a retarded leftist misusing language. The founders would have definitely classified it as an invasion:

hostile entrance upon the rights or possessions of another; hostile encroachment

They properly understood a Nation as a group of people of a common culture, common lineage, common religion and so forth. In other words, they wanted the USA to be White and European. That's why they wrote "and our posterity".

So when a foreign third world group who are racial strangers come into your country to participate in your political process with the overtly hostile intent of changing the way your country operates and undermining it from within so that it benefits their group to the detriment of the people paying for everything (not to mention the poison they peddle and crimes they commit), it would rightly be considered an invasion.

It doesn't have to be armed. Countries have at all times regularly repelled foreigners. You're the one coming in here with Newspeak and lies about how they're only here for jobs, as if even that is acceptable. You do not have a nation at all if you can't decide who enters and who leaves.


"Free White persons of good character" - signed into law by George Washington.

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Article 1 section 8 clause 15

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

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danger to herself and others

That's what a nuthouse is for, not gun bans. A person like that can be a danger using any weapon including a car. Why are these people allowed to be around others unsupervised?

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Yep and as this troon mass murderer said:

You will probably hear about me in the news after my death, this is my last goodbye, see you in the next life

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Suicide is consistent with their religion.

If you believe you were "born in the wrong body", that presupposes a soul and it's not much of a leap to reincarnation... so if you kill yourself you can "roll again" until you get the wahmen body you wanted.

Problem is they refuse to admit they are pushing a religion in schools onto children.

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We need to know who voted for Biden. The complete list.

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Oops, I thought they meant uncut.

There is no uncensored video.

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Exactly, just institutionalize them. We don't need to pick and choose what they can do as if that would work anyway.

Even if they're barred from a gun they can still get one... or a knife, or a car. If they can't be trusted with a gun they can't be trusted period. And that should factor into parole, probation, or bail as well.

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Well their whole ideology is textbook, systematic psychological abuse of others.

  • If you don't do what I want, I'll kill myself

  • Look what you made me do!

  • If you come out against me I'll see to it that you are totally isolated from society! No one one will ever want to talk to you again. Everyone will hate you, transphobe.

The patronizing behavior, the yelling and screaming, causing public embarrassment, character assassination... it's all psychological abuse writ large and wrapped into an ideology.

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They always choose things deemed to be attractive to children as well because they're pedophiles.

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Why would anyone expect anything different? They've been crybullying their way into power for a decade now.

The troon cries out in pain as he strikes you.

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