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ISIS showed us how to defeat the US Government. You establish strongholds in the middle of nowhere, then you acquire territory.

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Like I said, it has happened before. A woman conceived with a minor then came after him for child support. Even the fact that a crime was committed doesn't relieve a child of this "obligation" when he turns 18:


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lol it has MAGA in there:


Homogeneous society Preserve Western Civilization Stop White Genocide!


We only want to keep out ILLEGAL immigrants

You can see this play out in political arguments. For example, a Trump supporter might argue for unprecedentedly harsh immigration policies at the U.S./Mexico border. (That’s the bailey).

Kicking Mexicans out is not "unprecedentedly harsh". This policy of letting them in and being faggot pussies about it switched in less than a single lifetime after hundreds of years of precedent of kicking them out. We should mine the border to keep them out and kill them if they make it past our defenses.

If someone challenges that position, the Trump supporter could shame them for being unpatriotic, considering immigration reform is part of the Make America Great Again platform, and who doesn’t want to make America great (motte)?

Yes, you are unpatriotic and hate your nation if you want it to be invaded and taken over by third world commie foreigners.

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Firearms no longer represent a solemn duty to protect the country from foreign and domestic enemies, but products for commoditization. They might as well be trendy accessories like purses for women. They've become adult toys.

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These people attempt to practice collective punishment and then wonder why they're hated and the targets of their ire are "radicalized" - when they're the ones pursuing a radical anti-American policy of scapegoating.

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I'd argue it's worse for boys because what if they get her pregnant; then she comes after him for child support when he turns 18 and he'll have no recourse (unlike a female who could at least take a morning after pill).

This has happened before.

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The second one might get you in "legal trouble" (FBI might be sent to your door) but it's fully in line with the Constitution. SCOTUS has ruled that the legal standard is what's called a "true threat" which means it has to pass a set of tests called the Brandengburg test.

As to the second one which you consider a threat - SCOTUS ruled on a similar statement (Watts v United States):

[i]f they ever make me carry a rifle the first man I want to get in my sights is L.B.J.

SCOTUS overturned Watt's conviction under a "true threat" standard. The real question is whether anyone prosecuted under this would ever make it to SCOTUS - highly unlikely... but as far as I can tell both statements are free speech.

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Correct. I think that the highest form of free speech is the right to threaten your government. Why does anyone think we'd have the 2nd amendment if not to threaten the government? I don't agree with this idea that threats of violence should be banned, they should be the one thing protected... especially when it comes to government.

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I know people like stories about the Old West but true Americans should not have a boner for Wyatt Earp. He was a gun grabbing piece of shit, no wonder Hollywood loves him.

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"I know there are issues behind crime like income inequality and racism"

Wrong, this is why it will never be fixed with the shitlib muh equality faggotry. The crime problem is not racism or income, that's the smokescreen excuses shitlibs make. The actual problem is blacks and hispanics - period.

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Hailing from Alpha Orionis aka Betelgeuse.

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True, I agree that non-whites can adopt these systems, but the very people we're importing have proven to a large degree that they can't and that their primary interest is in appropriating what has been built and dividing it piece-by-piece among themselves.

I frame it in terms of race because they make it about race. If you look at every non-white race category and ask them questions about what the most fundamental values are to them every group except whites places race as their primary interest above American nationality, above American values, above American culture.

A black is a black first... then somewhere lower in the hierarchy an American - blacks have been with us longer than any other race... yet they have still have not adopted an actual American identity, but a hyphenated identity. If even they have failed to integrate, then what the hell is to be done?

We can pretend that being White doesn't matter all we want but the reality is that it matters to our detractors - and the hatred and envy is growing worse. If we don't wise up to it, our future is South Africa; a corrupt, destroyed, communist country where even though non-Whites are the vast majority and Whites are increasingly relegated to homeless camps, they still receive affirmative action.

That's the future we're looking at and it has been consistently repeated in Zimbabwe, in Haiti, and so forth. To believe this time it will be different is the definition of insanity.

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Agreed, I can't stand the systems tweakers. They argue that the problem is some rules or other were not stated correctly or were improperly engineered. It's a very autistic view of how a Nation works.

The actual coherent view of a Nation is that it is a biological system. You could give (and we have given) the Constitution and Bill of Rights to Subsaharan Africans and they will fuck it up because their IQ is 70. It doesn't "suit" their primitive intellect.

You can't just hand people systems and expect them to work the same way. In the end it's about people. You either have the right stuff or you don't - and if you don't, no system will save you. It will either not be followed or it will be replaced.

You try to re-engineer Windows 11 to run on a Commodore 64 and it won't be Windows 11 anymore. The hardware has to be compatible with the software. Retards won't get it today, tomorrow or 100 years from now.

The System isn't the problem. We have the the wrong people here and they're fucking everything up because we incorrectly assumed that our system could fix them.

FFS the founders designed the Constitution and Bill of Rights to go with Small Government because they expected that the People would have basic morals which would cover everything else. They didn't know we'd do this.

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Because they're not chicks, they're dudes.

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I hate his music, it's basically Tim Pool-tier ideology. Just read the lyrics:

Welcome to the world, baby boy, I’ll paint you red and white and blue

The indoctrination starts as soon as you come out the womb

Very first lyrics are anti-nationalism and globalist - he's implying that there's something wrong with being born into a nation, having a national heritage and that its some kind of cult mentality.

Pretty quick we’ll make you stupid with curriculums at school

And if the classroom doesn’t do the trick, we’ll make you watch the news

This I agree with. Public schools are woke garbage... but they're anti-American and anti-Nationalist, so this lyric contradicts what came before. These kind of misdirections are probably why he can still post his videos.

Pick your team, right or left, pick the red pill or the blue

You can vote, but even if you win, still everyone will lose

Everyone wasn't losing under Trump. It was the subversion of elections that brought us to Biden today, not voting.

Don’t forget to buy designer because Gucci makes you cool

We prioritize material belongings over truth

Not a lot to disagree with here, but it doesn't sit well with making millions selling rap music that just tells people clichés.

Get a job that you can’t stand so you can buy some cans of food

Go overseas and die for freedom, there’s some oil we could use

The wars weren't about oil, they were about making the middle east safe for Israel and the banking power - but again, if he said this, he would be cancelled.

Our democracy exists so that you think that you could choose

But our algorithms make you do what we want you to do

We don't have a democracy because the basis of a true democracy is a Nation - a people of common birth and origin. It's not simply a matter of being manipulated, it's a matter of bringing in alien values and failing to integrate them.

What’s the problem, you’re depressed? Society has you confused?

We got medication for you that you’ll probably abuse

The inculcation of alien values leads to an identity crisis.

Go get married to a lady who also don’t have a clue

And pump out a few babies that are just the same as you

This isn't what's happening. If anything births in the native population are being discouraged while White Americans are serving as cuckolds to brood parasites.

Welcome to the system, everyone’s a victim

Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, it hates you all

Not true, "the System" really loves BLM, identity politics, Jews, women, non-whites and hates White Christian Men - their only real competition.

Here inside the system, violence is a symptom

Fighting for what’s right, but somehow everyone is wrong

Violence is not a "symptom", is the direct result of imported values trying to tear down the actual System created by White men and supplant it with a bunch of confused, backwards, alien bullshit.

Welcome to the world, baby girl, I’ll paint you pink if that’s okay

I don't know what this means, but it seems to be suggesting that there's something wrong with gender norms.

We’ll encourage self-destruction through the music that you play

Music that glorifies violence is entirely the product of violent people we imported; not the cause of it.

We divided all the men by tryin’ politics and race

And honestly, it’s workin’ awesome, so for you we’ll do the same

The division is already there. White people don't want to live in Africa, India, China or Mexico. Why are you bringing it here? It's not a psychological division where people are being "taught" to hate (that only goes one way - with non-whites being taught to hate and usurp whites) but the division would not exist at all if politicians hadn't imported it in the first place.

His idea (and from his other songs) seems to suggest he believes that we could all get along if we simply came together. This is a bunch of hippy bullshit that never works. There is not a simple example of a multicultural country surviving. They all end in balkanization.

He'll never address this because, again, he'd be cancelled.

Never teachin’ you to love yourself, inject you full of hate

Objectify your sexuality then blame you for the rape

And weaponize the differences that make our men and women great

And just to screw with you, erase the genders, everyone’s the same

This seems to be a nod to feminism but against transgenderism (he frequently nods to feminism). The System isn't "objectifying women", it's telling women that men are the cause of their problems and that men are objectifying them... when in reality women themselves are a signifiant cause of the social instability (single motherhood, initiating divorces, using all men as their personal ATM, cuckoldry). This is a consistent theme with MacDonald songs - that group is really responsible for what's happening except some shadowy cabal pulling the strings.

No, groups of people are responsible and they can be named. Jews, Women, Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics and even Asians to an extent. They are the ones who continually undermine a beautiful, functional system created by White Men and vote for communism; vote to expropriate their benefactors and tear everything down.

We’ll empower you with rights to vote and fight for equal pay

Then have the men turn into women and you’ll fight for them again

Again, more pro-feminism but anti-trans stuff. This is just milquetoast Tim Pool shit. Cuckservative-tier ratchet effect. OK trans is bad m'kay, but I guess we'll have to accept feminism now... now

Here’s a Bible and a bottle of the cheapest booze we make

Find a man who can take care of you to fill the holes we made

Buy a house and settle down, fulfill your duty, procreate

And make a couple babies who will also do the same

And now he's attacking organized religion and shitting on the idea of the nuclear family.

Welcome to the world, everybody, I’ma paint you black and white

Again, anti-Race Realism. Everyone knows what a black and a white person is, but he blurs the lines.

I’ma make you hate each other so that everyone will fight

No, people fight because they have wildly divergent ideas about an ideal government and non-whites want to usurp a government created by White men and use it to redistribute wealth from Whites to themselves. That's what the fight is about.

I’ma give you all religion, let the righteous find the light

But I will also give you science to oppose the Word of Christ

And I’ma give you borders, they’re imaginary lines

If you cross them, go to war and win when everybody dies

Borders are now imaginary lines. This is again anti-nationalist globalist shit.

I've done enough analysis. This is all about ratcheting us forward by speaking against only the real hot button issues of today but taking all of the other shit problems that got us here for granted.

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Their idea of "fitness" is dumb consumer animals with enough retard strength to die serving Israel, so it does work out how they want.

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January 6th didn't go nearly far enough and now we're paying the price because opticsfags turned on their own.

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That's because they're stupid and don't realize that overturning Roe doesn't make abortion illegal, it just defederalizes it. People have already been polled on this, they say they support Roe but once you dig down on it they not only have more restrictive views of abortion than Roe but once they realize the states will have their own laws on abortion they're more likely to feel they've been lied to even though they're just retarded and have no basic understanding of the issue.

The left is plenty happy to lie to them and tell them that ending Roe = banning abortion.

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They already have a way out of that - they'll just open the borders and release the tardfarms into the USA. There's going to have to be a fight over that no matter what we do because the world is overflowing with retards, global IQ is declining.

Keeping abortion is an ineffective defense, we're going to have to make a real effort to push degenerates out no matter what we do. Letting them kill their brood parasites simply isn't enough - we need to eliminate all of their gibs and force them out.

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People are predicting this will be bad for Republicans but I'm not so sure. The democrat party's views on abortion are out-of-sync with not only the American public but their own party. I think it's more likely you're going to see a war within the democrat party between extremists who want partial birth abortion and moderates who want maybe first trimester or something more on par with Europe.

They're going to have a hard time wrangling these two groups into agreement and if they produce something extreme they'll alienate their own base. Even the idea of Roe is probably completely done; when the issue comes back it's going to be severely weakened no matter what they do short of a Constitutional amendment which they're highly unlikely to get.

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It doesn't matter anyway, they can't codify it into federal law because SCOTUS is set to throw out Roe and kick it back to the states - that means they're firm in their opinion that federal regulation over abortion is Unconstitutional. A new federal law would be thrown out for the same reason.

Federal control is done - that's not going to stop them from continually trying until they get a SCOTUS majority again. The only viable option from the federal side is an amendment to the Bill of Rights.

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