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It's none of my business that these ladies have a BBC fetish, but for them to have made this their whole career is a bit much.

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Not completely right, he still missed a lot of commies. When he started he didn't realize how bad it actually was. It was already far worse than his wildest dreams. Communist idealists started taking over in the mid 1800s. Then Woodrow Wilson teed everything up for FDR to implement full on socialism. By the time McCarthy started weeding some out it was already too late.

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He killed a child. If he was white, he'd be killed in prison. But since he's a black lives matter terrorist, the leftist district attorneys will make sure he's safely separated from other inmates.

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It's been interesting watching him try so hard to stay a fence sitter, but he's slowly coming down off the fence.

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Melania is great and all, but shouldn't the mods be stickying Waukesha stories?

If we don't get the word out, we can't rely on mainstream media to do it for us.

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Bicep man is one armed, not unarmed.

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Where is the live coverage of this?! Already memory holed in less than an hour!?

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Black guy plowed through parade, most of which were middle school and high school band members, cheerleaders, colorguard, dancers, etc...

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Remember how certain alternative left websites tried to conceal the name Eric Ciaramella, like it was some big secret and he needed "whistleblower" protection? Real whistleblowers don't get "whistleblower" protection...

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At least the Democrat party is smart enough to cater to their base and is actively trying to implement communism.

The GOP basically does the same thing, Cater to the Democrats base and try to implement communism, just slower and with a little bit of harshly worded speeches every now and again.

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free world.

We've never truly lived in a free world as intended by the founders.

It was co-opted by commies in the 1890s.

McCarthy was right, but he didn't realize how deep the corruption already was before he even started to uncover it.

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Desantis / Donald Trump Jr. 2024

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Completely disregarding the constitution preventing the government from charging someone twice.

The founders specifically did not want someone to be found not guilty at the state level only later to be found guilty at the Federal level. It's specifically prohibited.

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Yeah, Gatlinburg is so close to NC that they get a lot of lefties up there.

Same when I go hiking up in Sewanee. I swear Sewanee is more liberal than San Francisco.

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In Tennessee the mask thing has been a non issue. I only see about 10% of people wearing masks. I heard in Nashville it was mandated, but I stay away from that hell hole.

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You shouldn't conflate being in a militia with the right to bear arms.

It's like saying a well balanced breakfast, being an important start to your day, the right of the people to keep and bear cereal shall not be infringed.

The people have the right, not the breakfast.

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Why did you quit? Anyone else reading this, don't do what OP did. Make them fire you.

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