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‘Race Norming’ Blamed for Denying Payouts to Ex-NFL Players With Dementia UCSF Psychologist Says ‘Brain Health’ Factors, Not Lower Benchmarks for Blacks, Should Be Used in Cognitive Testing


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New info: Arlington Police say this isn't the first time Jordon Bevan's been arrested for dining & dashing. Police say in April, Bevan dined & dashed at a Pentagon City restaurant - then returned the next day, promised to pay for both meals, and walked out on the tab AGAIN


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Thanks for bringing it back up

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**Cohen & his father were also part owners of a "Social Club" used by members of the Russian Mafia operating out of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn & there's the Taxi Medallion Scandal with his mobbed-up father-in-law **

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**That's so friggin' dishonest, because Castro hated blacks almost as much as Che Guevara did **

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If being an asshole & saying stupid shit was a crime, every last man, woman & child in America would be behind bars.

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