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and that is not even half of it either - gotta include the fake hair pieces or wigs , fake nails ,fake boobs, fake butts - the list is endless

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my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family

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I am so so sorry to hear your situation , my prayers and thoughts are with you , your brother and your entire family. The cruelty that is being inflicted on so many people in so many different ways is nothing but pure evil. the ostracisation and denial of personal contact is gut wrenching, so sorry that is being inflicted upon you . I will keep Praying for your brother's swift and full recovery

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how fucking wonderful might that be !

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lmao - would be interested to see the science in this - my gut feel is that they have relaxed their hair removal process because they think no one can see it under the mask - too fucking daft to think about when they take the ridiculous face diaper off

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prayers and thoughts are with you and all of your fellow healthcare workers - i am utterly appalled by the scotus decision

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awesome news pede !!!!!!!!!!! huge congratulations to you , your wife and you new baby boy - welcome to the world !

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its a possibility , he is scum so i would put nothing past him . probably asked hilary for some advice

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if we think we have supply chain issues now - this will turn what is already a disaster into an outright crisis - fuck biden , fuck mandates, fuck all of this bullshit covid tyranny

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only if you are ugly as fuck - otherwise you look like a fucking geek and a pussy

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agreed, am devastated that they passed the healthcare worker mandate - we are gonna have to wait to see the state of the medical industry when all of the nurses and doctors leave - that alone will cause innumerable unnecessary deaths - praying for all your healthcare workers out there - you do not deserve this - stay strong , stay brave, stay proud , do not comply, do not bend and fuck joe biden

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the decline is accelerating - but nevertheless fuck joe biden and his handlers - all of them traitors to this country

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p o s - cannot believe that this man voted in favor of the mandate - disgusting and abhorrent

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