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my grocery store has signs up encouraging folks to bring their pet prescriptions in - if it's also available for humans, they'll fill the order

my doggo takes the same heart medicine as a human, so...

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lol - not a dum dum - you just became a bit less stupid - try to learn something new every day!

For God's sake, never write "should of" or "would of" - it's "should've" or "would've" - contractions of "should have" or "would have."

""Should of" is meaningless and a sure sign of a retard!


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Figuratively? Because not literally.

DC <-> London is 3600 miles

DC <-> Los Angeles is 2700 miles

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Do you mean "black?"

Yes, of course you do.

You are just the sort of stupid that would call a black person "African American" who has never set foot in America.

Goddamn stupid stormfags up all night trashing our board again.

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Says the Holocaust denier.

The nazis themselves documented it.

Our troops documented it.

You probably know the Haavara Agreement was hated by many on both sides.

Why would there even have been such an agreement if the nazis weren't already fucking the Jews over?

Do you realize that you're on the same side as the #JihadSquad here?

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Why am I posting here?

This used to be a 24/7 rally for Donald Trump, and I hope that once you PIECE OF SHIT Holocaust deniers, bigots and other scum get banned we can get back to MAGA.

Your ilk is running off the remaining decent people and scaring away anyone new. You are here because your stormfag masters put our site out as a good target for you.

You don't want to MAGA. You are here to discredit us and recruit the foolish.

Nobody who is MAGA subscribes to your bullshit.

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What State? Cali is like what you describe.

Sure as shit ain't that way here.

Houses are assessed every year, and you bet your taxes go up.

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As others have pointed out, this is a fake quote.

Will you clowns PLEASE stop posting and stickying fake-ass shit when there are REAL quotes to choose from?

This site, I swear. Fukkin stormfags and fake quotrs instead of MAGA.

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I'm afraid that you're wrong about that retard part.

Otherwise very intelligent people I know absolutely believe he said just that.

Like you said, at face value - the media (and fuckhead "comedians") perpetuate the lie until it solidifies as fact in the victims' minds. But it's not just retards!

You'll tell them, Trump said "inject disinfectant" which he did in reference to the UV therapy. "Reeee! Bleach is a disinfectant!!!! Doctors say not to drink bleach REEEEEE!!!"

I usually start with the Koi fish thing to show how media lies and distorts... lead them to the water...

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Seriously. What a garbage meme.

We have been invaded by low-brow bigots.

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St. George? Yeah, probably.

Notice the stormfags above talking about (((berg))) - as if there are Jews in the heart of LDS country.

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Why would a Puerto Rican need to come through immigration?

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You got your dates wrong.

It was 1865 when word got to Texas, so like 17 days late, not a year.

1866 was the first year to commemorate the day.

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Whoever claims he said this, in modern English phrasing no less, has the burden of proof.

Washington's writings and all speeches are available for study, and this phrase is nowhere to be found.

So, get lost with your bullshit middle school argument and prove he said it.

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