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Shame it was a water cannon and not a 20mm cannon.

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So sorry to hear that. Love and prayers from across the pond.

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I ve just eaten a footlong Subway breakfast sub.

It was far too much food. And it wasn't even good. Feel like a fat sack of shit.

That's it. Starting right now IF, Portion control and Exercise. Need to put my house in order.

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The wood alone will probably be worth thousands soon thanks to pedo Joe.

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Based Brit here. Thinking of starting a sideline of tshirts: Boris Johnsons silhouette hanging from a gallows.

Thinking it could be quite an earner.

I voted for that cunt because the other option was a literal marxist. Never again. Farage all the way now. Hell I ll vote BNP before I vote for the spineless Tory scum again.

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Just how petty and pathetic it was; lying about a candidate to lose him a job over something that happened when they were kids.

It is a great example of how corrupt, pathetic and nasty tech industry types are.

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Agree 100%. I told OP he was a miserable human being and that as he himself had established he was dishonest and untrustworthy, I think his bullying claim was BS.

Just a bitter jealous loser imo.

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This is the thing about Katie that the outrage brigade completely miss.

Their vile, hate-filled, divisive politics are way more offensive than her laughing at delusional fat people.

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Leftists are incapable of faking.

One of my favourite games on social media is to post something based in a Conservative sub or forum and watch all the hiding leftists immediately out themselves in their desperation to 'fact check' and insert their talking points.

They cannot help themselves.

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He may not be wrong.

Their last election was a knife edge with nigh on half the population voting for the son of Communist Secret Police Informer.

Leftist Woman will absolutely destroy Poland if they don't do something soon.

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Jesus. How deep are they going to dig themselves?

Is there seriously no one on their board of directors saying "Hang on guys, we have royally fucked up here."?

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Well, they don't. That's kinda the point!

We just call them 'leftist memes' because it is quicker than saying 'leftist propaganda and lies masquerading as memes'

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Seriously, how can you take a picture like that and not think "Yup, I look like a brainless deranged lunatic"?

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lol I bet! Probably not the first time it had happened that day.

I think some Asians forget they are not dealing with other 'Bug People' in the west. We are far less likely to just mindlessly obey.

He'll remember when he comes to do his accounts....

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What she did absolutely should carry the death penalty. And we know nearly all the other elites round the world are guilty of exactly the same thing.

The wonderful thing about killing corrupt politicians is you only have to do it a few times and the problem starts to correct itself.

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Okay, I ll go somewhere else

That's how we end all this bullshit, right there.

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She was 6 I believe. He just waited until she was 9 before raping her, because he was such an awesome guy.

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Sure, but can we also round up the ones that went along with this covid BS and get them measured for some hemp neck warmers?

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IKR, I am a quite hairy dude and my arm hair only really starts at my elbow.

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This is what so many do not realise.

A shitty low paying 'mcjob' is a modern day rite of passage. It is supposed to be used to build your character, and show you what the alternative to improving yourself and your prospects will be. It is not supposed to be a job you have for more than a year or two.

Ideally you use it to fund learning to be a mechanic, electrician, plumber, builder or any of the 100s of other useful professions that leftists look down on.

Ever met a poor HVAC installer or a skint plumber?

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Great News!

As an agnostic I happily admit I haven't the faintest idea if prayers work or not. All I know is positive intentions and good will definitely help in any situation.

All that matters is your son is doing good.

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