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I remember geocities and my Netscape searches for “real naked girl photo boobs”

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That one registered address had about 1700 residents, all born in 1/1/1900 😀

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No, it’s up his urethra. See, he’s trying to sound smart.

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To be honest, I’ve lost faith in even the court filings. Here in Chicago, IL, the governor signed an “Assault Weapons Ban” into law that’s worse than the one we had nationwide under Clinton. For instance, a magazine.capable of more then 15 rounds is now assault weapon. A .50 cal round or firearm of such caliber is completely banned. Being in possession of one now carries a mandatory 10 year prison sentence with no exception.

A judge from another county deemed it unconstitutional, but the county government and mayor(s) have straight up said that it means nothing to them and the ban will remain in effect. So, no one does anything, it’s just pure tyranny snd pandemonium at this point. My local range is also cucking out and still enforcing the ban, despite s clear decision of its illegality.

However, I do know of two websites I frequently buy from that still have not cucked and have shipped someone I know not only ammo, but AR magazines with zero issue. 30 round, 40s, 60s, all with no issue. I don’t foresee that being a viable option much longer though, so I am stocking up.

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Well put. A buddy of mine at work is into the Q stuff, mainly from stuff he hears from podcasts he listens to. The usual “they’re going to jail Hillary in 3 weeks”, “military tribunals in motion” et. al.

But I don’t ridicule him for it, I just politely express doubt and say that I hope he’s right but not to try and get too invested in rumors, and we remain good friends, and we have each others backs regardless. The end goal is one snd the same.

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The moat is moot, should’ve been constructed sooner. No standing.

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“ Biden administration threatens to ban TikTok if Chinese parent company doesn’t sell stakes”


“ Trump’s TikTok worries are grounded in xenophobia and fear.”


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The jar is round, the mug is round, they should just call it Roundtine.

-Risk Management, circa 1994 1st edition.

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We will call the train wrecks Andrew Gillums from now on. Obviously too much cargo to take those curves, even with multiple locomotives like Pete leading the way pushing hard both at once. Maybe Will Smith was the conductor too, it would make more sense than the bs we’re hearing.

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The BTH I used to get was fantastic. The only problem I had with it, snd it was a big problem that basically made me stop using, was the inability to urinate. I’d be high as a kite on BTH I made in a solution and injected or made into a nasal spray, felt great, but I could NOT piss. I had to piss SO bad, but my body or bladder or something just made it impossible. I forced myself as hard as I could every time snd only drops came out. It was from the impurities in the BTH.

Anyway, it appears it’s also a side effects of opioids in general. If I take a suboxone or anything “stimulating” even though sn opioid is considered a depressant, I just can’t piss. Kratom is what’s kept me off of the strong stuff for 6 years snd counting. I still feel that urination side effect but st around only 15-25% as bad as the H. So I know for a fact that it’s opioid alkaloids are doing it, but their concentration is low enough to let me urinate relatively normally, plus has just enough threshold of opioid properties to keep me on an even keel and eliminate any cravings.

Honestly, suboxone and especially methadone are WORSE then H and infinitely harder to get off of. If they really wanted people off opioids, they’d start kratom clinics, not methadone clinics.

Going cold Turkey off heroin snd the subject is back to absolute normalcy in 5-8 days. Yes it’s insufferable snd hellish, but endure it a week and you’re 90% normal. At day 21-30, it’s as if you had never taken them in your life. Small price to pay to get off the devils substance. But no, I’m wrong/— methadone is the devils substance. It’s a full agonist that is stronger snd binds harder than H and has no ceiling. It is literally a stronger, longer lasting heroin. Go off it cold turkey snd it takes a MONTH to 6 weeks of pure hell of withdrawal. Not 5 days— 5 weeks. Same with suboxone but tons lesser extent.

It is a travesty to give a heroin user methadone, which was originally created by Nazi doctors as an alternative to heroin that lasts longer snd is stronger snd can be dosed less often, but is actually stronger with a higher binding affinity. If you don’t believe me, look it up and hold on to your jaw.

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Yes, but the whole “touching it can kill you by skin absorption” is absolutely bullshit put out by various agencies like the DEA. Inhalation can be true, but even if you dip your hand in a bag of pure fentanyl, you will be fine unless you have any open wound.

The notion of death by touch IS true, though, for carfentanil. It is 1000+ times stronger than fentanyl. Used as an elephant and big game tranquilizer and painkiller, that one truly can kill you by contact alone.

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It is a lot safer. Diamorphine (pure heroin, AKA Heroin #4) has an excellent safety profile in terms of analgesic properties in comparison to side effects when administered properly. It is in fact legal in certain parts of the world for use in hospitals.

The problem with BTH (AKA #3) is that the process for making it is sort of “dirty” if not done exactly right. Moreover, it also contains other opioids that are derivatives and have their own unique characteristics, some of which may be undesirable (I.e. prone to cause itching or allergies, harder for the liver to process, different half-lives which interfere with the basic intended use.

And most of the cartels produce it fast snd cheap and don’t let it “cook”, for a lack of a better term, enough to extract the most benefit from it snd as a result you get those impurities. It’s not a huge issue when smoking it, but when shooting it up, it.can easily lead to an abscess.

And FYI, if you’re curious, #2 is freebase heroin that needs to be smoked and is extremely caustic, so it’s basically unfinished H. It CAN be used however. Mixing it with lemon juice and creating a nasal spray so it absorbs through the mucus membranes is the way I used to use it. Definitely NOT injectable unless you want to lose that limb.

#1 is heroin but with the toxic chemicals and other reagents, so basically unfinished, unusable product.

Source: first hand experience

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I had snorted a small line of that same stuff a couple days earlier snd it was of good strength, so I didn’t think much of it. I was perfectly capable of functioning snd working snd doing daily tasks. But on the OD, I put about 1/10th of that same amount in the line in with 2 ml of water, mixed it, and it was lights out.

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The only places I’ve seen BTH anymore is on the darknet markets, but st least you know it’s actual H and you can shoot it up or smoke it. Better than fentanyl in every way, snd I say that not in a good way but just objectively.

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A short short relating to me snd this topic for those with 5 minutes of time to kill:

I OD’d on fentanyl. Pretty much would have died had some other people in the other room not come check on me to ask me something right when they did. Thank god for that. It’s not scary in that sense that you don’t feel anything, you just inject the solution, and next thing you know, in about a tenth of a second, you’re just either dead if you do too much, or if you do a “little” but still too much for your tolerance, you become instantly unresponsive and unconscious, you stop breathing slowly, and/or if lucky, waking up in the ambulance or a hospital bed. I’m somewhat ashamed of my poor judgement considering my past and maybe being too cocky that I had gotten over it totally. But the trap of “I can do it this just one time” can get anybody.

I have since changed my ways. It was a stupid “just one more time” type thing (I hadn’t used at all in 6 years up till then) and next thing you know, I could’ve died. I only used a LITTLE too, snd I can tell you from experience, there’s no more real heroin #4 in the powders (they have no more vinegar smell or taste) they sell anymore, it’s just a LOT (50% or more) of pure fentanyl mixed with a cutting agent. Before, they’d use about 40% real H4, some filler powder (usually diphenhydramine in powder form) and maybe 15% fentanyl). Before, even if this were to have happened, I would have been still conscious and just really high nodding out. The new mixtures they sell are purely beyond criminal snd extremely dangerous. There’s zero room for error if that makes sense— there’s no threshold with real fentanyl where you can sort of still be semi conscious. You just go lights out unless you know your exact tolerance snd how much to use. And even then, mixtures get stronger sll the time, so your next batch may be your last.

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Thank you, sir 👌🏻 Likewise.

I’ve been fairly busy, working full-time. Got a lot going on, I recently got in a small fender bender so I’m dealing with that. Installing all my amplifiers and subwoofers and wiring snd all that takes up my spare time, trying to save as much money as I can to pay down an unexpected debt, I recently had a medical episode snd nearly died, so im still mentally processing that.

But on the plus side, I got my high output alternator installed in my car, got both subwoofers in (had to save up for them at 400 a piece), saved up for my amps (400 for one, 800 for the other) snd installed in, and now I’m just working on tuning it the right way. Kind of hard in a residential area because it wiil literally shake your windows, so I’ve been doing it at odd times when people tend to be st work snd in short bursts. Chicago Police isn’t too keen on people with sound systems you can hear from a few blocks away snd are salivating to just repossesses my car or at the very least give a ticket for noise. So I’ll work on tuning for 5-10 min here snd there and continue later. It’s a lot harder then you think to make it sound clean, crisp, loud, snd with quality bass. But I’m getting there.

What have you been up to?

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Someone get a bulldozer and get to work.

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Environment racism and Putin. Besides, the lack of vaccines also contributed to the issue.

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