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Literally anyone can become a Muslim.

Strange times we live in... the young white man today (if he is an agreeable fellow) will have to dress up as a woman to get an education, change his name to something ethnic in order to land a job interview, pretend to change his religion in order to buy a home.

Of course there are other options

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That thing is beat to shit. The edges are trashed, the hardie hole is all rounded out. Maybe if the other side is in better shape you'll be able to get use out of it?

Personally I'd have passed on this one unless it was a really good price.

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He askes how many stakes he can be burned on at once... Logistically, probably fewer than he deserves.

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If they were serious about their concept making people's lives better, they could go buy out some run-down old mill town in the rust belt and make a "walkable" city. If their concept works, people would move their on their own without a gun to the head.

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That was a shame tactic they used to use on people who opposed gay marriage.

It basically went "why do you care? You must be secretly gay and embarrassed about it!"

The correct answer is "faggots to the chipper"

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There's probably 5-6 people who all commented about fudge rounds, and that's great because it's going to become a meme or a new slang term for people like her.

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I have all the original papers from the tractor my father purchased in 1971, including a sales brochure with prices.

Adjusting for inflation, the cost of a good quality garden tractor and implements back then (not including a loader) would have been between $10k-$15k, depending on what kind of inflation calculation you believe.

It's remarkable how the price of quality stays the same. It's almost like there's a specific amount of materials, skills, and labor required to create a quality item or something...

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Craigslist or estate sales. Old "garden tractors" from basically any reputable brand (cub cadet, bolens, simplicity, case ingersoll, sears suburban, etc) before the turn of the century (specifically "garden tractors", not "lawn tractors" or "lawn mowers").

I have way too many lawn mowers, but they don't make them like they used to and I can't let them go to scrap metal just because an old person passed away or moved to Florida. It's not difficult to get a "buy it for life" quality machine for $200 cash, a can of carb cleaner, and a weekend of fussing with it to get it working right again.

When you're evaluating the quality of any lawn mower, and important thing to look at is the thickness of the metal used to make the mower deck. Mowing wet grass will eventually make the deck rust out - the thinner the metal, the faster it will go. Manufacturers know this and change up the designs every few years, and rip people off for new mower decks to the point where people will usually buy a whole new mower. If it feels like a tuna can, it's made out of tuna cans, and tuna cans don't last!

Also look at anywhere where you have contact between a moving part and a stationary part (linkages, etc). Is there plastic wearing on metal? How easy is the plastic item to replace?

How accessible is the engine area to clean out mouse nests? Are the wires sufficiently protected from mouse-chewing?

Is there an easy way (drain valve, etc) to empty the carburetor at the end of the season? How accessible is it to disassemble and clean?

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Joke's on them - new box store mowers are junk.

It'd be a damn shame to throw out your back stealing a big old dog turd like that.

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Sure, let's go there!

Different races are formed by natural selection within a specific group in a specific environment over a prolonged period of time (with periodic episodes of mixing due to conquest). Their "life strategy", personality, and much of their behaviors are genetic. By knowing a person's origin, you can tell quite clearly how they will behave.

The Scotch Irish are very much unlike the other White races because they are genetically distinct and isolated from the genetic influence that makes other White races so great, and the environment in which they evolved means they're likely to pursue a counterproductively individualistic life strategy that limits their overall potential.

Scotch Irish are genetically distinct from other white races due to their lack of Germanic, Norse, or Roman genetic influence, as they originate from a particular geographic region that remained unconquered by the Romans, the Norse, and the colonization by the various Germanic tribes that led to the formation of the Anglo Saxon and Aryan (and even Slavic) races as we know them.

Among White races, the ability to think in an orderly manner and build/participate in complex systems is a uniquely Germanic attribute - it is only present among those descended from the various Germanic tribes. The Scotch Irish do not posses such ability as they do not have any Germanic genetic relation.

Due to the conditions they evolved in (low population density, anarchy), they're independent problem solvers, distrustful of outsiders, and highly prone to violence. They also are highly prone to addiction. In other words, they're condemned by their genetics to be a violent fringe of society wherever they are.

As a people, they're almost purpose-built to go somewhere and fuck everything up - which is exactly what happens wherever they live in large quantities with high genetic purity.

When they got sent to Northern Ireland, they were violent drunks there. The region is still plagued by the consequences of their genetic composition into modern times.

When they came to North America, they were violent disagreeable slovenly drunks here. They broke every treaty we tried to make with the Natives, fought with each other without good cause, and followed precisely zero laws.

Appalachia and much of the Deep South was settled by such people, and was condemned to poverty by the genetic makeup of its inhabitants. They are not like us either, unless you're one of them.

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We've been sending Ukraine old run-down beat up junk we were going to scrap anyway, and anything else we've been stripping of sensitive technology (unlike what we did when we left Afghanistan!)

The current generation of Russian equipment is designed to beat the stuff we fielded 40 years ago. Ukraine is getting our 40 year old stuff.

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Two days of training that'll basically boil down to "make DAMN well sure you don't trap a bee in the cockpit with you when you close the lid"

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Haitians are the worst of the lot of them, Somalis are a close second.

I spent time around the Haitians when I was young and naive. I dated a Haitian immigrant woman and spent time around their community and am very familiar with what they are.

She presented very well, like a classy and sophisticated and cultured woman, but was actually a wild animal in a dress.

Haitians are a somewhat devolved species of subhumans - uniquely capable of surviving adverse conditions, they're also especially retarded and highly prone to sudden and unpredictable acts of violence. They respond to normal day-to-day events with fight-or-flight.

I've got plenty of stories. They're basically too stupid to die.

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I lived in NYC in the late 80's. My experience living there gave me the racial views I have today. Those views don't win me any friends, but snarky people on the internet can't override my lived experience. They are not like us.

I grew up in a small industrial city in the midwest. There was one major manufacturer who was the main employer. Basically everyone either worked there or knew someone who did. I saw the writing on the wall and left a few years before the factories shut down. Those people basically lost everything slowly. A couple generations of frog boiling and now everybody's grandkids are single parents, junkies, or dead.

NYC used to be a place you went because you wanted a chance to make some money and were willing to suffer for it. It's a scientific effort to determine the most unnatural, psychologically destructive conditions a human being can exist in. A pressure cooker of misery that people universally seek to spend as little time in as possible. The reason everybody works their ass off is so they can make their money and get out sooner.

When I say "they are not like us", I'm being polite and civilized. They've got more in common with the obese rats feasting in the trash than real human beings.

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The only thing worse than EV's are the people who buy them.

They tend to act very insecure, almost as if they know deep down they got taken for a ride... and that insecurity leads them to aggressively lash out at anyone who speaks ill of their beloved product.

They're like macfags, but worse.

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They are getting stolen, it's just not getting reported. Euphemisms include "out of service" or "disabled"

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