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Not one of those people has qualifications even approaching Malone's -- when he was 25*


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Even for those people, communist is still shit. One day, they get enough of you, or too little food/whatever, and you end in up a gulag (at best) or a ditch

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What you mean you dont want giant tumors for free? TRIGGERED

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He still survived 25 days... He did better than I expected.

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Father should take decisions concerning children (the important ones, I mean)

Women just cannot do it.

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Also tetanus is a real illness... unlike covid. Also see rabies

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This is the last remaining nail in the covid coffin

4-6 weeks omicron will be gone and we'll all be immunized.

Then no more boosters. Even the WHO opposes it now (wtf?)

This is the end of the pandemic.

Sucks :(

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Plenty of under the table jobs and bosses who wont care lol dont worry.

My work is technically jabbed only. Because we deal with US shit. I just ignored it. Everyone knows im pureblood, no one cares.

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Economy will crash, thats the blowback lol. Right now vaxx people are getting sick at a rate much higher than purebloodd

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