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God is cool. Should get to know more about Him.


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Judging by his cucked answers he would pay up.

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Caleb is a retard and has no idea what he is talking about.

First off this quote here:

"Taxation is not equivalent to stealing. When the Pharisees asked whether they should pay money to the roman government in order to trip Him up, Jesus asked them who's picture was engraved on the coin? When they answered Caeser, He said, then render to Caeser what is Caeser's and to God what is God's."

Yeah again. Caleb has no idea what is he talking about. The caesar at the time was corrupt and narcisstic (shocker I know) and minted his own coins with his likeness on them. These were to be used as tribute to him because he considered himself a god. It really has nothing to do with taxation and more with the Pharisees trying to trap the Son of God but being (surprise!) outsmarted.

Finally, the Bible commands us to obey the government in all ways, excluding the ways that go against God and His commands.

Pretty sure our "government" i.e. corrupt assholes who "run" it have been evil twats for decades if not more.

There's nothing inherently sinful about masks and the government has told me to wear it. And at first I thought, but the mandate is based on lies, but then I realized, almost all laws are based at least partially on lies and agendas, but as long as they are not inherently immoral, I'm bound as a Christian to follow them because it shows the world that I'm willing to law down my own will and life just as Jesus layed down His own will and life

Jesus laid down his life to pay for our sins even though He did not deserve it and we did and do. You "laying down" your life for God is one thing. "Laying down" your life for a corrupt government AND helping to enforce a blatant lie is not Christian like behavior.

It is not truthful and helping to spread a spirit of fear is NOT Christian like either.

The romans were also wrong to be occupying Israel, but God still had them to pay tax because paying tax itself isn't sinful.

I already debunked your "tax" thing. But to add to it that a certain disciple was a sinful cheating tax collector who STOPPED doing it. Reasonable taxes are one thing, fleecing and outright stealing is another.

So sorry for the huge wall of text, but I just felt I had to correct where that quote is astray from Christian teaching.

You literally need to shut the fuck up because you have ZERO idea what you are talking about. You are giving people erroneous information on Christianity. And you are being a fucking douche (last line) about it. Knock it off. Go read more and post less.