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Ethical vegan here. I've become so ethical that I now allow the cow to eat the grass for me first.

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More likely collecting her cheque. The whole of DC are enriching themselves at the US taxpayers expense. Anywhere else in the Western World they'd be imprisoned for either corruption, fraud, or insider trading.... or all of the above!

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It's probably too late already but it is preferable to die honourably than to live the life of a slave.

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Who ever listens to what Crosby says? He might have been able to make music 50 years ago but has shown us time and again that he belongs on the left-hand-side of the Bell curve for IQ.

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Sigh! I miss the days when we were allowed to make jokes and even if the joke was about another race/religion/sex/hair colour/age/ etc we weren't being racist/islamophobic/misogynist/etc'eterist. We were just being humourist! All those old time comics are one day sure to end up as targets of the woke mob and have their awards and recordings cancelled.

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Suddenly we are expected to cheer on the vaccine that has multiple side effects up to and including death ........ just because only 40% of the hospitalised patients were fully vaccinated (although I think the original60% was correct).

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Yeah, yeah. He was told to walk back that comment and claim the opposite.

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It's no wonder he has such a smile. Lucky, lucky man. It might sound a little strange but I think that she has matured into a much more beautiful woman.

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He's a politician! He'll do or say anything to get elected. They're all snake oil salesmen in it for the access to lots and lots of your money.

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They know. It's a fight between the Zuma (a Zulu) loyalists (ie the criminal elements) and the Zulu traditionalists who revere their King and the amaKhosi (not the football players). Both the Zulu King and Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi have condemned them in the strongest terms.

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I wonder how much Mandela shook him down for? Mandela's usual trick was to ask a white SA business man for a breakfast meeting and at it ask him how much he was going to give to his Children's Fund. He had two fund accounts - one for the Mandela Children's Fund and one for Mandela's Children. The world never asked why Mandela's family released an abridged version of his will.

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How much money does she have to embezzle before it's enough? What happened got the $6 billion that was not accounted for in the State Department while she was SoS? I suppose you have to payoff a lot of "loyalists" who have the dirt on you.

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Fear not, the mighty FBI, the worlds premier investigative agency, is hot on the heels of these fraudsters. I'm told that they will have them all rounded up and imprisoned while awaiting trial soon after Durham releases his report. /s

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The SA police have in the past gone to the extreme to prosecute whites for shooting black home invaders, etc. Nobody wants to end up in a SA prison so they have held back.

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Essentially this will devalue the dollar, decrease its buying power and shortchange you on your 401K and other savings. Their next step will be to bulletproof their own pensions and that off the bureaucracy.

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Yes but you are missing out on the propaganda message being put out by the Guardian. So much in their piece is a lie. This is the start of a concerted campaign to discredit the Arizona Audit. They know what is coming. We can talk about the audit security but you can be assured that those who really need to know what is happening already do so.

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