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They’ll never move on. They’ll never change. They want you and your kin dead.

It’s up to you to fight for your kind and your way of life. Do not expect your enemies to roll over, because they won’t.

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It already was in vain. The war killed tens of millions of fighting age, Christian Americans and Europeans, leaving our homelands vulnerable to subversion by (((Marxist))) rats.

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That argument doesn’t work anymore. We all initially let gay marriage slide because “who cares what they do in the bedroom.”

Well faggots don’t keep it in the bedroom. They parade through the streets while shaking their dicks at children, openly mocking society as they indoctrinate and subvert our country.

There’s no longer any room for faggots and their degeneracy.

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A (((cohen)))cidence

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I don’t disagree. White Christians need to step it up

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You must have missed the part where I wrote that your government is owned by Israel. You only see political theater. The fighting between democrats and and republicans is similar to the purported tensions between races; it’s orchestrated to keep you from seeing who is pulling the strings. Study who Marx was and who was really behind the communist revolution. Study who founded the the federal reserve. Study who is behind the 501c3’s that ship invaders to your country to replace you.

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Imagine paying thousands in taxes to your government, only to have that money shipped off to Israel to line the pockets of warmongers who seek to destroy western civilization and Christianity. They own your banks, media, and government. They’re responsible for the rise of the USSR and the genocide of White Christians in the 20th century. They’re responsible for every war in the last 150 years. They’ve subverted your culture and people with their pornography. They’ve even convinced your youth to cut their dicks and breasts off while cursing their parents. I can go on and on but I’ll leave it at that.

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I admit that I identified as a libertarian up until around 2012. My mindset was as long as I got to keep my guns then who cares what gays and sjw’s do? Over the past decade, that collective mindset has gotten gun rights (among others) stripped away while satanic gays parade children through our streets while dressed in drag.

It’s time we help our libertarians understand that we cannot be passive any longer.

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Almost all hardened combat veterans have been forced out by one way or another. All that remains are the junior enlisted tik tok generation and Obama’s appointed communist generals who push diversity hires, women in the infantry, and maternity uniforms over combat effectiveness. The marine corps is all but dead

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Your election was stolen, your courts won’t hear your cases, your representatives don’t represent you, your youth cut off their dicks while cursing their parents, faggots openly fuck each other in your streets, and ‘refugees’ that hate you are being imported to your neighborhoods by the bus load to genocide your kind out of existence. Your federal government does all of this while stealing your money printing untold amounts of fiat currency to crash the dollar. Please tell me how America is not conquered.

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Now if we could just narrow it down to a certain demographic who has overwhelmingly dominated the banking industry for centuries while subverting every western nation that stands in that certain demographic’s path 🧐

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They can’t even protect themselves at this point

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Hmmmm interesting last name. And what’s that funny looking hat on the man embracing the minorities at the focal point of this illustration?

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