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no - cause no country that doesn't respect private property rights is prosperous (for the most part).

weird how white supremes suddenly defend globalist actions by the deepstate when it comes to destroying black/brown nations - almost as if they are just as retarded as leftists and have zero logical capacity just like them while diving head first into double think to defend their irrational position

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no we are not lol - we are under a massive push from the establishment to consolidate power but as far as i can tell, we have been stopping them at every major turn

remember covid passports? lmao or federalizing the election process? or ending the filibuster?

we are winning but the establishment can't allow us to know this - hence the gaslighting

states and localities are beating the dogshit out of the establishment and it's desperate

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it actually is lmao - muh "poor blacks cant help we are better than them - as privileged huwhite people"

It's all about the conversation surrounding race - nothing about culture or its destruction

spez: wild that stating "there's more to this than skin color - people are complex creatures and you can't sum them up as skin tone - we all are individuals and there were massive powers that ensured the destruction of certain people" is being ceded as a leftist position. implying you have to be racist to be conservative lmao. smooth move retard - also I'm not a leftist, check my history

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yeah bro - cause whites are tooootally impervious to cultural degradation and demoralization

some would argue they are just - inherently superior

enjoy your oblivious attitude and eating right out of the hands of the establishment

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I know, folks here have been reveling in racism cause they think it's (finally) justified but it's the entirely wrong topic to be focused on .

racism is never justified - we all are individuals, who make individual choices (except against those fucking gooks lmao jk)

but seriously though - I guess it's easier indulging in ez answers as opposed to looking at shit from a 50k foot view and critically assessing the situation cause "i have work in the morning"

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lmao imagine not being able to use anything but your medulla to perform critical thinking and buying into oogabooga tribal monkey shit cause it makes sense to you then saying others are less smart than you cause "you got it all figured out"

actual retard

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but he didn't win

he was installed

there's a stark contrast between actual organic support for Biden and the puppet show we see now

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bye, refugee faggot

you're no better than the Central Americans running from their homes flooding here instead of staying put and making their countries great

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the redpill is knowing that blacks/browns aren't inherently inferior - but that their destruction by the FBI/CIA was a trial run for the white family and culture of the United States at large

Applying the negative traits to nothing but skin tone is low iq and as blue pilled as they get since it's the literal narrative pushed

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Yup - buying food, survival gear, doing pt, crypto, etc etc

Covering all my bases

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no one said to ally with them - what im saying if violence needs to be done it needs to be done in the open and in unison across the nation or else they come for us one by one making arrests in the dead of night

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no one said i was looking for a savior

dissemination of information is critical in this war

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Can we please start pinning ways to mobilize/run for offices/create local boards or something?

I'm so fucking sick of lesser men running this nation into the ground

im fucking sick of all this shit

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the fact you're downvoted is why we lose

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that's all it's going to be. I've given up on Trump being our warrior leader.

We can only save ourselves - get involved locally

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"Do NoT GiVE ThEm FoDdEr" will be said in the line to the gas chamber

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based Obongo

the one tie that binds millennial leftist rats and the conservative millennial is our shared disdain for the heap of shit consoomer boomers

their persistent lecturing and posturing as if they didn't live in Pax Americana only adds salt to the wound

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