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No no you don't understand - honesty and integrity to follow the law

You know, the one that will make it illegal to be conservative?

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What's hilarious is that they are not nearly as strong as they are projecting and everyone knows it.

People aren't intimidated - they are pissed

Mostly cause they're trying to intimidate us

It's like a foreign worldview (European) penetrated decision making thinking "oh they'll be scared of the fbi like the rest of the western world is scared of their respective agencies"

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Oh they are attacking the gas refineries


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Yeah I suspect she was paid to travel and made some deals while there to fatten her coffers

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The middle/upper middle class voted for Trump

It's time to punish us for it

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Wonder who she was corrupt with (you can't be corrupt all on your own now can you?)

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If you don't pay taxes - you don't get to vote

I like that order more

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I could not care less about the "plight" of boomers losing their 401ks and coming housing crash

Fuck boomers and the lecturing bullshit about weed

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Well, so far their ends have been met

Wait until zoomers realize they don't have a future - then shit gets extremely spicy

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"but if we close down schools - one of us will have to stay home and we won't be able to consoom :("

-Modern parents probably

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Start a patriot gang in prison so we have a network to tap into once we all inevitably get thrown in the gulag

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we are printing and sending how much to Ukraine? I'll take debt forgiveness or whatever at this point fuck it

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