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I have mad respect for James but he really needs to get a better editing team. These videos could be so much better.

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Stores being different has nothing to do with skin color which is what people mean when they talk about diversity in this context.

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"You don't call gay people faggots. That would be insensitive. You call your friends faggots when they're acting faggy."

  • Michael Scott

Personally, I use the word because it's where I draw the line. I grew up calling my friends fags in the same way you'd call a friend an idiot. It isn't a gay slur and in fact it has nothing to do with gay people.

When you allow the left to take a word away from your vocabulary, it's only a matter of time until they come back for more.

Them: Stop using the word faggot. It's insensitive.

Us: Okay, I guess it's just one word so what's the harm? I'll stop.

Them: Stop using the word retard. It's insensitive.

Us: Okay, I guess it's just one more word so it's not that big of a deal. I'll stop.

Them: Stop using the words idiot, bitch, lame, etc, etc.

They'll NEVER stop and so I decided to draw the line at fag and retard.

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Diversity drives innovation and competition while eliminating weakness

Diversity doesn't drive innovation. Competition drives innovation.

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Who's "we"? Because it sure as shit won't be Karen there

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Literally 5 minutes ago I received an email from our HR department about this mandate. They're waiting for more details but they clearly intend on enforcing it if it goes into effect.

I had to restrain myself from sending a response explaining that Biden isn't a king, the mandate is not legal, I'll never get the clot shot, and if they fire me I will sue for wrongful termination.

There will be plenty of time for that if they go through with this, but whatever happens you can be damn sure I won't be getting the clot shot.

Stay strong, Pedes!

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What you described is exactly why they're saying this. They've polled the double jabbed and they know what the reaction would be.

But this is temporary. They'll switch positions over the winter.

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Barely better than doing nothing. If this is all that comes from the Durham investigation just fucking lol

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Yeah it's very frustrating because it's so obvious, yet people who are otherwise smart can't see what's happening.

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Not happy necessarily, but I welcome any and all anti clot shot comments.

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This is not normal; not even close to normal… even for the federal government.

Nothing about this regime is normal. I'm not going to take what was normal in the past and assume that's going to be normal tomorrow.

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I had a similar experience at FedEx about two weeks ago.

I went in without a mask. I stood in line for 5 minutes and nobody said anything. Then once it was my turn and I stepped up to the counter, the employee asked me if I had a mask.

I said no. She said well we have masks let me get one for you. I said no, I have a medical exemption and can't wear a mask. (that was a lie but that have no way of verifying.)

A different employee who was nearby started telling me (through his face diaper) that it's the law and everyone has to comply.

I pointed at the door and told him to go read their own damn sign. It says right on there, "unless medically exempt." He started saying something else but I cut him off and forcefully said, "Read your own sign. I have a medical exemption so please leave me the hell alone."

Surprisingly, he shut up after that and I was able to finish my business.

I'm always thrilled to see others standing up to this bullshit.

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Not to mention, the people who haven't taken the clot shot are not clogging up the health care system like the faggot media is claiming. If they were, the media would be at those hospitals with camera crews right now.

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Yeah it's a striking photo, but not for the reason that dumb cunt in the word salad dress thinks.

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I think we need to focus our efforts on 2020 audits.

There was definitely fuckery afoot in the CA recall election, but let's be honest this place is a bit of a bubble and I think people are severely over estimating the number of based people in Cali.

Maybe I'm wrong about that, but personally I'd rather we focus on the 2020 election which was far more important and had massive amounts of clear fraud that impacted the results.

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It's not a law. Some politician (or group of politicians) floated the idea last year but it hasn't gone anywhere yet.

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