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I have some concerning views.

I don't think the Democrats would ever allow the Midterm Election to take place.

Literally the House, Senate, State Legislatures, Governors, and Local officials would all be flipped.

Could you imagine the number of investigations, lawsuits, and amount of regression that would occur?

They would never let this happen, not in a million years.

Literally, they would be heading to jail if they permit it.

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Wait a second.

If someone breaks into my house - or maybe I think they are breaking into my house, and I point my shotgun at them - I go to jail????

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But, could it not be possible that even though Jack Dorsey may/may not be engaged in these acts, he knows a lot of people who are? And is covering up for them?

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Honestly, if I ever became President:

  1. I'd immediately replace the Secret Service with the Delta Force guarding me.

  2. I'd terminate all the people in the top two levels of every executive agency. Even though some people may be Patriots (or at least reasonable people), they would have to understand that this was necessary to save the country.

  3. I'd go to Patriots.win, and ask for applicants for each of those jobs. I'd hire from here only.

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I 100% agree with this.

But do you know what's even more urgent and important?

Do you really think that the 2022 elections will be held in the United States?

That they would completely flip the House, the Senate, many State Legislatures and Governorships, and local officials?

That they would open themselves to full investigations around the country on every level to election fraud, COVID fraud, vaccine mandates, and so forth?

There's no chance in hell that they will let that happen.

They went "all in" in 2020.

This is a fight to the finish for the Elites.

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The Department of Defense is to undermine our capability (especially against China).

The Department of Commerce is to give away American jobs.

The Department of Treasury is to spend like a drunk sailor and steal from taxpayers.

The Department of State is to never do any diplomacy, and just create problems in every country we have an embassy in.

The Department of Education is to dumb down our children.

The Department of Transportation is to ensure nothing in our country moves.

The Department of Health and Human Services is to ensure we all get poisoned by the jab, or succumb needlessly without available medications to COVID.

The Department of Labor (includes OSHA) is to make sure nobody works.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is to make sure no veteran receives proper health care, housing, or attends to any other need.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is to ensure that poor people "stay on the plantation".

The Department of Agriculture is to ensure that family farmers lose their farms to ConAgra or to Bill Gates because they can't afford the life and skills that 100 years of their family have practiced.

The Department of the Interior is to ensure that no American can visit, use, or purchase any Federal land for any purpose (in fact, they are reclaiming much land and ending many leaes).

Did I miss anything (in addition to the OP)?

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May I ask how Jack Dorsey is/was involved with the Maxwell trial?

Curious to know.

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Indeed, thanks for the data on the number of footballers who have died of a heart attack. I had assumed it to be 1-2 (as in the post I replied to).

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Your own link contradicts your assertions; lol. Did you even bother to read it?

In the case of surplus killing of domestic stock, they have not developed (or have lost) adaptive behaviour in order to avoid predators as they are in enclosed areas and are influenced by man-enforced conditions. In leopard related incidents, although a leopard may take more than one kill in quick succession, this is not necessarily wanton for carcasses are normally cached for later consumption, and they will return to such kills even after they have become putrid. With human hunting pressure, this feeding pattern is frequently disrupted.

The leopard is killing for later consumption. English, my friend, English.

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You're absolutely right.

Let's take myocarditis for example. Those who have suffered a moderate to severe case of myocarditis have a 3-5 year life expectancy.

Now, add on all the cases of nervous disorders, autoimmune conditions, and now - greatly increased cancer rates.

Even if they were to receive no further vaccinations, the damage has been done, and is probably still being done further.

There's nothing they can do to stop it.

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So right, so right, and excellent point.

These people always crawl back under their Leftist rock.

They forget so quickly that in virtually every major issue, topic, or event, we've gotten it right, and they've gotten it wrong.

And even for their own enlightenment, for their own mental and future well-being, they refuse to consider that they may have been wrong all along, and that what they think they see is really not the truth.

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That relegion is science.

The key to understanding this image is to observe the Pride flag on the left of his body - which covers his entire body; and to realize that each of the religions is a different color corresponding to the Pride flag.

In other words, it is a declaration that the Leftist "Pride" "Woke" supersedes and subsumes all other traditional religions - that have existed for thousands of years.

It is a statement of domination, not acceptance, tolerance, or religious diversity.

It is a statement that all world religions will bend the knee to the Left.

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But the case was filed; where else was a similar case with charges filed?

The Gates Foundations was thrown out of India five years ago because of unregulated vaccine experiments, based on similar lawsuits.

Suppose the case proceeds, and the evidence is reviewed (for the world to see also). That's a big victory. And suppose (perhaps improbable, but still possible) that the case is actually a victory and results in indictments?

Don't forget that George Bush and Dick Cheney have open indictments in Italian (or Spanish) courts.

Somebody has to take the first step.

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Well the Gates foundation were essentially thrown out of India about five years ago (along with their satchels of experimental vaccines) because they were causing irreparable harm (autoimmune diseases, sterility) to the "subjects" that they were using (on the cheap) for their unregulated vaccine-trials.

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Not in the jungle my friend, not in the jungle.

There are no house mice to chase after.

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No need to hope.

These people just lost an entire state. Apparently, 38% of that county in WI with the parade voted for Biden.

You can pretty much subtract that 38% (or a big chunk of it) in that county.

And the same for the rest of the state of WI in 2022.

These people had friends and families throughout the state.

They will neither forgive nor forget.

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Yeah; I mean if instead of a Leopard, DJT Jr. and Eric were holding a RINO, it would be so much better.

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Look, I'm the type of guy that's ok if people had grenades and RPGs (hell, even howitzers) in their backyards.

But, I am also an animal lover; I think hunting to cull a population (deer) is alright, but I don't see any real point in hunting these other creatures. It's just that there's no sport anymore with firearms involved.

Manually wrestling a bear, or chasing down a leopard with bare hands, that would be impressive.

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They hunt to eat.

Hunting is a major health risk for predators, they can get injured or killed.

So there's a difference between sport and for food.

For sport, I would submit that DJT Jr. or Eric should have done this with their bare hands.

Then I would be effing impressed.

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Yeah, I own a number of dogs; I don't ever think I would be alright with letting them all loose and then "hunting" them down. Doesn't make any sense.

Why not stick to fishing, or deer hunting, etc.?

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I have to agree with this.

Look, if Donald Trump Jr. and Eric manually went after two leopards, and killed them 1 on 1 (or 2 vs 2) with their bare hands, I'd probably be alright with it.

But to take a very modern weapon and "hunt" the leopard doesn't make any sense to me. There's no sport. Why not just nuke the whole jungle and collect the glowing corpses?

At least with deer hunting, there's a purpose (culling) that is served.

But I too agree with your sentiments, I don't see any point in this.

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I completely agree with this.

I urge Pedes to read Hans Hermann-Hoppe's "Democracy: The God That Failed"

In that work, he discusses why a hereditary monarchy is a far better system than democracy. As the monarchs technically "own" everything, there is nothing for them to steal. Any bureaucrat who is corrupt is stealing from the monarch, and will be dealt with severely.

Because it is a monarchy, citizens can be confident that the policies and vision of the government will not change rapidly; this allows them to make long-term investments and plan for their families and offspring.

And people can leave the country if a monarch becomes excessive (for example, in demanding taxes, or in conscripting citizens for the military). So it's entirely in the best interests of a ruling family to look at the long-term, and implement growth policies.

Finally, if a monarch goes "off the reservation", the ruling family would have the power and authority to replace the monarch.

Even better would be a Constitutional Monarchy (think Magna Carta), where the rights of the citizens are explicitly memorialized.

I would opt for a Trump-family Monarchy along with our Bill of Rights anyday.

Fuck elections and politicians.

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Even a 10% increase in baseline is significant when we are dealing with thousands of professional footballers (soccer players). And assuming that roughly ~3 have died in the preceding years.

A nearly 5x increase (466%) - that's astronomically significant; probably p < 0.00001.

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