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Quancy is a Lying Fool!

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In retrospect, I am able to understand the General's Position.

I tend to agree.

It made a certain sense that someone inside would want the People to know.

We cannot be blamed for being open to such an idea.

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Thank you!

How could anyone not Love JTN when John Soloman started it. (HERO)

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I expect that most of this sort of Thing will go this route.

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Wow, let me help you there.

That is complete bullshit because all the Left ever does is PROJECT.

Know that and you will see that all they were doing with that particular LIE was to tell us that they completely agree and that we were truthful.

OK? Got it?

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Lord, can we get a Root Pulled? Please!

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Still in possession of God's Own Nut-Buster.

What a MESS!

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Every Mainstream Media Source is the Enemy Of the People.

We need to take Stock in who is driving the media in our Nation, and what their motives and intentions are!

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Well armed, but I need more land to call what I hold a proper compound.

I watched Congressman Massey's video about his homestead...water, power..that was well done.

Time will tell.

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Did I say that GEOTUS Trump walks on water? I did not! Weak Sauce!

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