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Everyone who says to do something you call a fed. No wonder why 90% of the people who used to go here left. The place is full of pussies.

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You need normies to vote for you, dumbass. If you want to pretend you’re some sort of revolutionary stop larping and shoot a police officer, pussy.

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And are you going to keep crying voter fraud when our side does things that actually piss normies off so they don’t vote for us?

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I remember one interview and that’s it.

Yeah do we really want the guy famous for saying parents of murdered children are liars at CPAC?

Yeah I support him, think sandyhook was fake, and if it wasn’t he still had the right to say it didn’t happen. But we are part of a small group of people who actually looks at these things deeply everyone else just gobbles down tv garbage.

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Dude this is retarded they literally attempted to genocide the Gauls. If you think Rome had black emperors you were watching too much BBC.

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Have fun putting your kids in the schools were 10x more molestation cases per capita happen.

The Catholic Church is attacked because it is the last true moral institution and you fell for the psyop.

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I think that is a jurisdiction issue and I don’t know if state authorities have the ability to deport illegals and only federal agencies do.

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God’s plan is completely based around hierarchy and there is a hierarchy to non-denominational religions. There is always a senior pastor who makes more money than the junior pastor.

Equality is for dumb leftists and it is a ploy of Satan.

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What is your explanation why culture is very distinctly separated by color of race is not a factor?

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Try a non westernized country. Or find a non-westernized woman in America (raised in non western country).

They will serve you and treat you like a king and submit to you.

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As a Celt they appropriated my warrior culture.

Still will not wear that shit though.

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Prices go down, I work in insurance so job security. Easier to afford house. Simple as.

Propping up housing prices and keeping them artificially inflated is good?

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Mortgage applications down 30% since last year and the real crash in 2008 never happened because we had to bail out the boomers who have all their equity in their house. Hoping for a housing crash so my wife and I can afford a house.

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Someone was browsing 4chan today 😏

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The largest liberal voting block is white college educated women. Hispanics are starting to vote conservative.

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I didn’t say it doesn’t do that.

But it also says to guide reproduction through reason. That means eugenics.

It also says faith and tradition must be guided by reason as well. How do you feel about them suddenly saying Christianity is “unreasonable” because God said man has dominion over the earth?

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Literally “we the elites will decide if you get to procreate”

But subversives be like “it’s jUsT a SunDiaL 🤪”

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