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Yes. They want a concession from the Russians. Thinking Russians have American POWs.

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Americans are operating HIMARS. Takes months to train. Ukrainians don't have that.

So American scum are the ones hitting the ZNPP and killing the civilians in Donetsk.

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Good. This is the way to get doctors steer away from trans procedures. Money is their mammon.

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It was a request during the Twitter Space event yesterday. IIRC it was Kim dot com who requested it. Kim dot com was approached by Trump inner circle about a pardon and he allegedly said that he doesn't want it unless Assange and Snowden were pardoned as well. I guess Trump couldn't swing it.

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The mistake he made, and continues to make, is using kid gloves on Ukraine, treating them as brother slavs and all that, when Ukrainian soldiers have been castrating Russian POWs.

He is a reluctant war president.

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"Russia will sell oil and petroleum products only to countries that will work on market conditions, even if it is necessary to reduce production"

--Russia Deputy Prime Minister Novak

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Russia will sell to those who will not participate for cheap and those countries will resell to Europe. Europe will pay for the same oil they would've bought from Russia for more.

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So what you're saying is they didn't learn anything and are doing a repeat?

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Get off the msm, dude. You're severely misinformed. The war is on Telegram. You're welcome.

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Which contradicts Matt Taibbi's conclusion that the government hasn't influenced/forced Twitter to censor users.

Matt Taibbi is a filter we don't need. We need the original dox.

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On the daily mail today, 4 are mentioned as having died suddenly. This guy, the canadian influencer, the country singer and the Dog the Bounty Hunter co-star.

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I just wrote my rep and 2 senators to inform them about this and asked them to transfer j6 defendants to their home jurisdictions and get them out of DC.

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Praying for you. Give instructions on blood transfusion if you can.

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I wish that were true. Just saw our dentist after a year and she asked how we were with covid and she asked if we were vaccinated. I said no. And she said it was risky. Dear Lord.

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