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What exactly is America though? Is Hawaii really america? Is Puerto rico? It's such an expansive area that is controlled by the US I don't see how cutting out a few shitlib areas would really be un-American. Even if they do have to be cut out I think we should still try to reconquer them in the future regardless other than places like Hawaii and Puerto Rico which should have never have been a part of the US in my opinion

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If they ever clear out the global homo from the NFL they should make him commissioner

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Pedophiles do tend to want children

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Well what does that make Florida then? I'm a part-time resident of Florida and looking at moving here full time so I'm not just trying to stir up shit, he needs to make the vaccine mandate banned here too

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Two more weeks

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In a pinch you can boil water to drink, it's not ideal but it should keep it from making you too seriously ill I would think

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In red States you may get arrested for that I would think that could be considered stalking or something, in blue states where crime is now legal like California sure, go for it nobody will do anything

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That movie actually was like an early strike against globohomo corporate culture now that I think about it

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He called Biden a nervous clueless pussy, that's the best part

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NUCLEAR, I think this will be a game changer, even Florida hasn't done this yet as far as I understand

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Someone should make up an acronym too for Hispanics like SPIX or something

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Uh I'm pretty sure the pilgrims weren't Italian

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