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You're out of touch and afraid to pass the torch, so you might as well be a boomer even if you don't fall in their exact age range.

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Not a boomer

Ah, so then you're Gen X, aka a boomer junior. Most of you died of heroin overdoses or just did nothing with your lives so you kind of live in the shadows, my bad.

All you weenies do is whine about the perceived conspiracy to persecute your generation

It is a conspiracy. Are you ignoring the Great Reset or Agenda 2023? "You will own nothing and be happy?" It's not that millennials are targeted specifically, it's just that we are the unlucky ones who are at the age we are when the globalists are making these moves.

This is totally because they used to hand out houses to everyone that showed up but stopped just for your generation

If you could argue without strawmans, that would be stellar, but like liberals can you only think by framing things in terms of fantasy, so I'll have to forgive you. Dipshit, I didn't say that houses were handed out, I provided data showing how much more affordable they were for boomers. Which they were.

coddle you shitheads from birth and create the whiniest, most entitled bunch of idiots seen in modern times

Ah, so we're in agreement that boomers did a shitty job raising their kids. Millennials are entitled because we just want what boomers had? Do I have that right? Pretty ironic for you to talk all this shit about millennials while ignoring that boomers are the wealthiest generation in the history of the world and largely do not care about the fate of their progeny.

Zoomers are the generation that they ran the gender insanity experiment on, and even they think you're all pathetic

Zoomers do not think that of millennials and zoomers and millennials have a lot more in common with each other, old man.

Yes, real estate has been tight in recent years. It's a problem for everyone

Wrong, boomers are doing great

No, it's not because of fucking AirBnB or any other real estate investment

Wrong again If there is a housing shortage (aka not supply to meet the demand, which there is), reducing the supply, which is what short-term rentals do, makes tightens real estate by definition. It sounds like you just want your get-rich-quick scheme to continue. Again, very excited to see AirBnB go the way of Napster. Soonily doodily.

Yes, your perception of this is entirely because you were raised to be an entitled twat

Again, it's not my perception, it's just the reality. Housing has never been more expensive than it is now. And so much seethe from you because I don't like your gay little STR service. You don't know anything about how I was raised, so shut the fuck up and enjoy the cashflow while you still can, but I'd refrain from ever referring to yourself as a patriot with how much hate you have for your fellow countrymen just because we want to have 4 walls without being indebted for the rest of our lives.

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

Thomas Jefferson

Fuck you very much for taking the side of the banks as opposed to the side of Jefferson. Rightful inheritance isn't entitlement. Boomers need to understand that or their graves will be danced upon.

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"Racist" is a Judeo-Communist neologism invented to subvert White identity and I don't give a fuck when it is used to describe something, next

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lol I'm a commie because I think Americans should be able to live in their own country, only an out-of-touch boomer would concoct something so delusional in its retarded bald head

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You dipshit boomer hedonists live under the delusion that affordability, wages, and cost of living are still anywhere close to as good as they were for your generation. Interest rates don't matter when a house is 5x or 10x the median income as opposed to the 2 or 3x it was back in the day. And since you and the idiots before you rolled over and let women vote and enter the workforce, the value of a man's labor was halved and thus now almost all households need both parents to work to be able to afford it. And who suffers for it? The next generation.

You get a sick joy out of the suffering of your fellow countrymen because fuck us, you got yours. You call millennials retarded, but doesn't that reflect poorly on the lazy spoiled faggots who raised us (i.e. you)? Handed everything and spending a life chillin' out while the country implodes around you, but all you can do is blame others. Truly a cunt generation you are.

You sound like an AirBnB investor or owner yourself so I must say: I can't wait until you leeches are regulated the fuck out of existence. And if you are simply a user of the service, again, enjoy being ripped off.

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Can you call black adults men when most of them behave like children though?

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You're bitching about shit from a few years ago

Americans being unable to afford real estate due in no small part to being crowded out of residential space thanks to AirBnB and similar short-term rentals is a very real and very current problem bud, but sure, to each their own. Enjoy those cleaning fees and supporting a woke company, take a case of Bud Light to your next booking!

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The market can work all of that out

It really can't when wages are very stagnant compared to inflation and investors buy up all the property with very low interest rate loans which they have been virtually guaranteed. If you want Americans to succeed and breed instead of importing foreigners for cheap labor, they need a place to live they can afford.

AirBnB is a fantastic service on both ends

Uh, have you used it recently bro? Because AirBnB sucks fucking dick. It was great in 2015 when it was dudes renting out their spare rooms, now it's nameless, faceless investor companies with absolutely ridiculous policies and fees. A lot of times you end up having to do chores for the house and get charged a cleaning fee. AirBnB is more expensive than a hotel most of the time. And the company is of course woke. Fuck AirBnB.

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Ban AirBnB, a huge part of the problem is houses and condos that could be filled with people instead rented to tourists for a short period of time

That and “foreign” investors owning our property

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It looks more like a giant turd depending on how you look at it

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She lies and says she's in love with him

Can't find a Fetterman

She dreams in color, she dreams in red

Can't find a Fetterman

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including the ones who are dating or are even married to other guys.

how that works out in practice if the woman isn't a whore

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Taking female hormones makes you grow tits and can give you ED, those are harder (pun) and more expensive to reverse than some manic panic hair dye and a band t-shirt

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What Trump did was great but you're absolutely incorrect, it's only legal with a very low THC content by weight. It's not "legal everywhere" until you can not commit a felony by crossing state lines and until the faggot ATF removes the question about it from their gay little form when purchasing a gun.

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Many Christians were tricked into doing that because they literally haven’t read the New Testament or they’d know they wouldn’t have to.

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It's disheartening when people criticize things they clearly don't understand. "Turn the other cheek" refers to giving your enemy a chance to publicly humiliate themself or to let petty things go. It doesn't mean you should let yourself get hit ad infinitum or let yourself be walked over.

But I suppose I can't expect non-Christians such as yourself to read it if even most Christians today don't read it, which is a valid point.

Please do however read the following verses to counterbalance your misunderstanding of Christianity, which is not pacifist.





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