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Wow. I really am happy I stopped caring about this nations future last year. There isnt a political solution to this mess and untill the read white and blue bleeders wake up, nothing will change.

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Just like anyone who speaks out against the Israel shilling and propaganda is not a a dirty muzzie blm supporter.

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Im not disagreeing with that, god luck convincing these mouth breathers of that though.

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Fyunny...I was talking to a lebanese guy yesterday, he looked pretty white to me. IN fact he was talking ot his dad and I thought he was jewish untill he told me it was arabic.

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And neither are Israelis. But the Israelis get to play white man while every Muslim os labeled as shitskin

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The fight doesnt start there, the Israeli palestine fight is theirs, not ours. You ever notice why the US has to be involved in ever war the jews get themselves into and has to be against their enemy? Do you not find it convenient that Israel supports Biden and backstabbed Trump the moment he looked doomed?

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