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What's weird is, you don't even have to dislike homosexuals to say faggot.

In a way, I would think homosexuals would appreciate that we are calling everyone faggots. They don't want to be called faggot. Ok. We'll call everyone faggot that is acting like an asshole and trying to control people.

People that try to control people? Faggots.

People that want everyone else to use on their advice (like Bill Mitchell)? Faggots.

People that deny the world around them? Faggots.

There are LOTS of faggots running around these days and LOTS of them aren't homosexual.

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^ This. The left believes the “process is the punishment”. They use it all the time. They know they’ll normally lose. When they can, they will ring the process to win, but they want to drag their political opponents through the process.

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No other government program has ever been pushed this hard. Ever.

And with clear evidence of what they are pushing might not be good.

That is why this feels like some serious fuckery.

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We need to have more of this around here.

Remember what got us here

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I know. I just figured my form use of “hung” hit a little close to home.

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He doesn’t even need to be in the House. A House GOP with balls (doesn’t exist) could elect him as Speaker and he’s Speaker.

The real hive of scum and villainy is the Senate. Need to repeal the 17th Amendment.

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I sort of prefer the later option. But I mean it literally.

I really do hope these people are run over, by a bus.

Maybe even a school bus, but any bus will do.

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True. Like President Trump says when asked how thick, “Thiccc.”

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That’s the fight we are in.

Otherwise it’s time to fuck off the west coast and New England and DC.

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Anyone else thinking of a certain photo of President Trump?

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Like hot tar and metal feathers?

Maybe we can administer the tar and feathers from a canon? You know, to preserve 6-ft social distance.

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If we are still a country by January 2025, all federal employees need to be fired. One giant “You’re Fired.”

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