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Well, the Democrats were racists before that 75 days and after those 75 days, so it was the norm for them.

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No. Stop living in the past and start making the future.

And, what are you doing using Apple or Google Maps?

Install OSMAND. Done.

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That doesn’t matter anymore, according to SCOTUS.

A justice (Kagan) legitimized government “dictating” policy because the “government is paying for things”. The government, got that? Dictate, got that?

The country is being run by technocrats and pharmaceutical companies. They have bought out a President and control Congress.

This would be another move that somehow would be justified by the ruling class.

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Isn’t it peculiar that the FBI can arrest old ladies and people that did not and are not espousing any kind of anti-government, but just somehow can track down these over-the-top assclowns?

Know why?

Because they have coffee with the every morning at the office. No need to track them down.

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Won’t happen. Trump supports the injection.

In fact, he’s proud of it. He advocates for it. His ego on this issue is an enemy of Freedom. It’s the most tone deaf stance he has ever taken.

As a Trump supporter from the escalator ride, it’s frustrating at.

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It’s real.

You’re looking at an authoritarian police state inside our country.

I think individual policy makers and rank-and-file “police” need to be called out, protested at their house, refused to be served at restaurants, and shamed by enough people in their community to show that this shit will not stand.

And if that doesn’t work, we’ll… hopefully they straighten their shit out.

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Yeah. Ok.

Then we need to execute the order-givers that are causing and engineering an authoritarian global takeover.

If we don’t fight for freedom like our lives depend on it, we will lose Freedom. And probably forever.

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Came to say similar.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was done by one of that piece of shit Mike Pences crew to plant evidence to be unearthed later.

After all, this is what the FBI & DOJ did in 2016 and what Pences office did all through Trumps term (there were several plants in Pences office that leaked and leaked and leaked).

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To paraphrase one of the dumbest mainstream media pundit (Dan Blather)...

It's fake, but true.

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Like... FULL RETARD retarded

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It might be time to bring in a dedicated and talent group of folks.

I, formally, call for the Korean Roof Brigade to take a position!

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Yep. Confirmed tyrants.

If only there were a DOCUMENT that a legal "scholar" could refer to that addresses mankind over this type of governance.

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Pretty on the outside is one thing, but a based women that keeps herself up and is a pureblood is plenty for Man Pedes.

I have been married a long time. My Lady Pede is based af, a pureblood, and (though she might have a few extra pounds) she keeps herself fit and healthy. Plus being healthy/fit means better sex too.

I praise the ground she walks on and she's usually trying to figure out ways to keep me happy too, so that makes a good match. (Truth is, her being her is all I really need).

Man and Lady Pede need to focus on being: sane/based, logical and reasonable, financially responsible, physically fit, and moral. That shouldn't be too much to ask for, but that is what makes a good match.

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Im' figuring as much. But, for us Pedes that have been around for a bit (or two, or ten), we remember this immoral, human piece of shit defending Gore's lying bullshit.

And, still Fuck Bush, but a commie defender is a commie. And, all commies deserve is a helicopter ride. All of them.

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Um... maybes it's me, but this may not be the best example.

Though, a redeeming quality of conservative women ... no penis. (except the lower right; I think that dude has a dong. Just sayin)

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David Bossie is ≠ David Boise.

David Boise was a died-in-the-wool leftist, communist lawyer. I personally hope that he dies a violent, but slow death.

This is not the same guy.

Edit: Post this to correct/clarify OPs title vs the screensnag.

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At least better than 10 for sure (Murkowski, Collins, and those faggots…including McConnell).

But Manchin is a political animal with good instincts. He knows he’ll never be elected again (ever) from WV. Unfortunately, this isn’t as principled position as we’d like to believe.

But, he did the right thing to thing. Sadly, we shouldn’t have to celebrate this.

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