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CIA. And it has been for years.

Our military is essentially becomes an attack dog for the Global elite via all the CIA fags.

Simple as.

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As outlined here some 2-3 years ago.

It's been a sham since 2016. From when that little fucking elf Jeff Sessions through Bill Barr, from Muller and through Durham. It was ALL to cover up Clinton-DNC attempted and actual hijacking of the 2016 with false claims of Russia, Russia, Russia and every single way to stop an America First agenda.

Nothing more. It's that simple.

by wrmevlp
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Yeah… or just, ya know, ask my Pedes.

That shit is not outside of exactly what this asshole does.

by wrmevlp
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Is this a real tweet?

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Ummm. I don't see any accounting for the TREES.


Plant more trees? Sure, but maybe account for what already exists ffs.

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^ See? Not that hard. So easy that u/zerk0021 found it in seconds.

So... the monthly "rent" that Hunter was paying his dad is almost 7X what the rent could POSSIBLY be.

Not to mention that what the fucking kind of Dad would charge their kid the full rent?

This might be unpopular, but I have several properties and my kids have stayed at these places at different times. I had them pay the Utilities and a little rent. Nothing crazy and helluva lot cheaper than an apartment. You know, something... make them earn it or at least realize nothing is free.

As much of a scumbag is Joe is (and he is), I wouldn't bat an eye if Hunter was paying $1000/mo rent. I wouldn't ask my kids to pay the full mortgage, but even if Joe had Hunter pay the $7612 rent/mortgage (using u/zerk0021 noted above) and Hunter was living there, it wouldn't strike me as shenanigans.

But, 7X the possible rent. It's money laundering. And, that's why everyone knows it.

Next thing is Joe will be doing paintings bought for $5 million a pop from wealthy Chinese businessmen, brokered by Hunter (no less), and the media won't bat an eye.

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Just for some perspective…

A MORTGAGE (not rent) on a $6.5m house is about $48,000/mo. (Give or take, depending on the financing terms, initial money in, etc)

We all know it’s a scam, but a few basic questions To answer:

  1. What is the house valued at?
  2. Does Biden own the house (meaning no mortgage) or not?
  3. If he doesn’t own it, is he paying the mortgage?
  4. If doesn’t, he makes his kid pay the whole mortgage and doesn’t have him chip in, say, half?

Perhaps there is a plausible explanation explanation (there isn’t), but haven’t heard any of these questions asked.

Nothing about this passes the smell test (it never does with Joe, for several reasons), but just some basic questions would be nice to hear asked and answered.

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This is all a ploy.

Biden is not going anywhere. He's too much of a useful idiot/tool for Obama and the handlers.

This is how this will play out...

  1. The media will bark, never bite
  2. The DOJ now has an "active investigation" into Biden and Trump
  3. The DOJ will leak out false claims to media pals on Trump
  4. The DOJ will remain tight-lipped about anything that might damage Biden
  5. Biden will stay in place for this whole term.
  6. The media will use the damaging leaks on Trump and the "we can't comment on an ongoing investigation" with Biden to keep the poll margins close enough going into the 2024 election
  7. Dems can steal the election (again) and it will have been made "believable enough"

Sorry if that's dooming, but this is the cycle that the Swamp will spit out.

You can already see it happen. KJP has already walked out the "we can't comment on an active investigation" three times in the last few days. That whore will continue to stonewall, then she'll start acting indignant for whomever has the nuts to continue to ask (e.g., Doocey), and (probably) will accuse someone of racism before the primaries have started.

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Move to Florida from May-August and you'll realize that heavy rain is pretty regular.

And, by the Ellen, fuck off, cunt.

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Did he really say that?

What am I saying... dude is a sell-out douche. Course he said that.

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FBI: …and that’s our plan. What do you think?

Ray Epps: Ok, I’ll do it, but here’s what I want. [Opens folded paper].

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I mean, fake, but could you imagine him being elected Speaker tomorrow?

Our salt mining operations are deep, but that might even break the salt mining machines. It would be an overload.

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knew they would negotiate with Democrats before MAGA republicans

Says all you need to know about McCarthy (which all of us here already knew).

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Your headline is misleading and precision matters.

The FBI had 80 agents in their Cyber division and they were spending LOTSA time on curtailing "bad thought" on social media.

There were many former FBI (and CIA) agents and operatives employed by Twitter, but not 80.

It is true that there is ACTUAL COLLUSION between a government entity that was pressuring action on a private company.

The numbers are a detail, but better to be accurate. The Left and Democrats LOVE to throw babies out...whether it's in bath water or not, so don't give any reason.

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And that image is from the lawyer that beat the mask and Vax mandates down in Florida.

A turd this man drops in a bowl knows more about the law than you.

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Any private business that acts on behalf or at direction of the government, must respect all Constitutional rights.

Period. Go back to Facebook.

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