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Kroger did the same. Gonna take them for their 39c per pound turkeys and make them pay, and then not buy anything else from them except the min to do that.

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Drug companies pay big money in political donations. To both parties. Vaccines are a huge part of their income, especially now. If a drug were to come along and change that, less money to the pols. Medicine and health are nearly 1/5th of the US economy, and they have HUGE influence. The Hippocratic Oath is dead.

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Yes I was thinking this. As an 80's rocker guy, I remember we all laughed at this guy. He was a joke to real rockers and hair bands. Believe me he was just in in for the chicks. Why do we even care what this guy has to say.

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Stoly's man, Stoly's. And an occasional Mich Ultra.

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There are some that contain another parasite medicine including ivermection. Get the Ivermectin only one.

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I have been using an inhaler for several months now as a backup. It was getting ridiculous but as I was asthmatic for most of my life, I was used to it. I honestly feel that I might not have to use it tonight. You know that feeling after you've had a very bad flu, or maybe after a very bad hangover, and you finally feel better. Ya, that feeling...

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Get the pills if you can. If not, be sure to use any that is Ivermectin only. It's all the same.

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As I am typing this, my headache, which I have had consistently for the past month or so, is completely gone. Food is still a little hard to swallow but I eat too fast. And it tastes and smells soooo good.

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Never got tested. I suspect long covid, though. I have been fairly healthy my whole life so I just think I was able to tolerate it.

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I think you can take it based on how you feel. If you are still having problems a day or two later, just re-dose at around 200 lbs. I will probably use up what I have just to make sure, as I think it goes bad after a while.

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The SMELLS...oh the SMELLS! I smell EVERYTHING now.

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So basically IMBD and Rotten Tomatoes are trash now. You can never trust them again if they are found to be manipulating scores. Just another Hollywood mouthpiece.

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