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Mr "Principles" voted against Trump every time it mattered.

Hope he hangs with the rest of them.

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Fuck them.

They were dancing around jerking each other pff calling themselves heroes. They had their chances countless times to blow the whistle, they chose tiktok and Twitter.

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Unless they send the National Guard to deliver those subpoenas with weapons at the ready, it's all just talk.

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This. A million times this. The scariest part of this post is the ignorance displayed by OP.

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This is one of the best analogies I've read in many months! Well done!

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And I stand by my comment.

Lots of talk, no action because people want someone else to do what they won't.

It's alright, I won't give up my life and freedom to do it either, as I want to see my grandkids grow up (They're 1 and 3). The left burns, loots, and murders people in front of us, and we talk online... and now it's up to the young bucks on here to fight. If they don't, America is done for.

Don't get me wrong, if someone attacks someone I know or somehow makes it to my home and tries to steal or break my property, I will respond with overwhelming force. I'm an old man that's recovering from a back surgery a month ago, what am I supposed to do, eh?

Most American patriots today are the same. The areas that are lost are lost forever unless people living there LITERALLY revolt and kill the people that ruined them in the streets, but those of us that live in SOLID conservative areas where stand your ground and castle doctrine mean something couldn't give two shits about big cities turning into third world countries before our eyes. It's on the people that live there to fix it or complying with the insanity because they're afraid of losing everything.

Call me a glowie, coward, or what have you, at least I admit that no one, including myself, is willing to do what actually needs to be done without crying about optics or morality. The ONLY one that did was Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed 2 felons and maimed a third justifiably, and guess what? He's a couple of trials away from a needle in his arm. What do patriots in Wisconsin or Illinois or on here do to free him from tyranny?


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All I read when I see posts like this is:

"Someone else do something, I'm far too comfortable to!"


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No one cares about them so there won't be that many pictures...

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To be fair, they only have something like a 90% survival rate at that age... its close to Ebola (it isnt!)

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Pelosi and the rest of Congress and the Senate, outside of 2 or 3 are hellbent on destroying America.

They don't care who they rule, just that THEY and their families rule.

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He needs to be hanged long before that, alongside EVERY single person that perpetrated the greatest theft in world history.

But I'll be called a Glowfag, Storming, or some other retarded platitude for saying so.

We've already lost, we just don't know it yet.

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That's what happened after WW2... Americans are about 20 years and a civil war to do that though too fat and happy still...

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I piss off Qtards and glowies all the time. Once in a while, one of them will just downvote me all day. It really makes no difference in the end. A downvote only shows just how impotent someone is in real life, as downvoting something online is the same as smashing your dick with a hammer, the only person that feels anything is you.

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It's even more adorable that you just stuck with the same insult!

I think this NPC is broken, it's only got one reply, but it adds words to make people think it's not the same thing said over and over again.

Piss poor programming will do that!


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Awww! It's always adorable when you Qfags can't come up with your own insults! And the impotent downvotes are always HILARIOUS as well!

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Alienware and ShitPoliticsSays are the only two I sub to after TD got banned. This is from the latter.

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GOP plugs ears and sings the song of their people: "It's Rainin' Men"

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A little context. This is in the Alienware subreddit and the post is about California and 5 other states, Hawaii, Colorado, Washington, Vermont, Oregon, making it ILLEGAL for computer companies to ship high powered PCs if their wattage is over a certain threshold.

The Socialists of Reddit descended on the thread after several people pointed out that those states are all ran by Socialists.

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He's desperately trying to convince people that California is not falling apart. His next reply was: "There's no shit on MY street, and the wealthy are ultrawealthy and the poor are poor in every other state too!"

I broke the poor kid with facts. He reverted to "I can't see it, so it's not real!" really fucking quick, lol!

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I mean, no one has found where he lives and dragged him out of his house to a waiting noose so....

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Only Ashli Babbit was killed, the rest were fat fucks that stroked out or a cop that died of natural causes.

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