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Cone to think of it, I've not seen RINO politicians offer condolences either.

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Good. I already wasn't flying anywhere. Maybe more will join me in bankrupting the airlines.

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The story doesn't say where this happened. WTF. The only clues are "high court" and a justice's name.

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I keep saying this. The RNC/GOP and the courts wouldn't look at the overwhelming evidence we already had days into the Steal, why would they look now that we have even more?

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You can always turn back, but it takes a lot of character, courage, etc. It's hard for people to accept and admit how wrong they've been.

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Joke's on them. Once you pick the side of Good, it becomes easier. You just need to make that leap when it looks like the side of evil is easier.

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She is a he, and he has a penis because that's how it goes. But he wants to be treated like a woman, so he gets others to call him a she. Also he likes doing the kinds of things that sexual predators like to do because he has a penis still. Hence the media say a woman exposed her penis.

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Make new friends. MAGA/AF/awake friends. That's what we did. You'll be fine. We love you!

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Lol, no, CO2 is neutral for the planet's climate. If anything, adding CO2 at most only speeds up the water cycle (well, raising it past 800ppm would make indoors life uncomfortable for humans and animals, but we're talking about the increase from 180 ppm at the start of the industrial revolution to now), but can't appreciably raise the planet's temperature. It's quite clear from the fossil record as presented even by the climate alarmists that CO2 increases follow temperature increases. It's also clear that we were on the path to extinction of all photosynthetic life, and with it, the vast majority of life, because CO2 has been lower and lower at the end of each glacial period in the current ice age, and just a few more glacial periods and it would have been under the starvation level for plants. Raising CO2 to 400 ppm has extended the time left for life on earth by a few million years.

Hell, it's not even that greenhouse gases warm the earth, but that whatever temperature it has on the surface (as long as it's neither too hot nor too cold), the water cycle will help keep the planet in equilibrium around that temperature. If it gets a bit hotter, the water cycle speeds up and cools the earth via both, radiating heat out into space and by raising the planet's albedo (clouds and snow/ice reflect more sunlight). If it gets cooler then the water cycle slows and so on. If it gets cold enough you get a glacial period and the average temps drop quite a bit, but still are higher than the earth's black body temperature.

I can go on about the idiocy that is the anthropogenic climate change hypotheses.

I don't know what's up with Africa. I don't know if they have the most genetic (or linguistic) diversity for reals, but I've read as much (for whatever that is worth). I've not really looked into what's up with Africa, but I suspect it's less bad than you paint it.

I'm willing to believe that genetics does have a lot to do with IQ. What I'm not willing to believe is that today's American black people somehow got way dumber than those of a hundred years ago. And I know for a fact -and very much fucking resent- that the Democrats have done a great deal to destroy the black family, and with it, black culture. Whatever else you think about genetics, that cultural change explains the vast majority (if not all) of the disparity between American blacks of 1920 and American blacks of 2020. The genetic makeup of a population does not change that much in five generations!

I think it's a disaster that you and others don't recognize that the dems destroyed the black family and black culture. I fear that there are people who are angling for "race war" and genocide, and folks, MAGA people are not for genocide -- I'm not saying you are, but you sound suspicious, and your account is brand spanking new (sports a handshake icon), and it's always handshake accounts spewing the things you wrote.

There, did I come across as sufficiently thoughtful and high-IQ for you? Anything else you want to discuss?

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One of my (very well to do) libertarian friends married a cute woke chick. Out the window his libertarian ideas went, but he still pretends to be a libertarian.

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