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If it were Pence vs any of the current cast of dem demon-possessed lizard people, if stay home.

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The cops stood outside for an hour while the rampage went on. They kept parents from going in.

The only solution is to require administrators and the receptionist and some teachers to carry.

Also: break the CIA into a million pieces and scatter it to the winds.

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In my school district the doors are closed indeed. But you know firearms can shatter glass, yeah?

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If you store the hydrogen and burn hydrogen for power, then it's NOT A WATER-POWERED FUCKING CAR, but a hydrogen powered car.

Otherwise you could say electric cars are nuclear and coal powered.

Stop the nonsense.

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Good for you. Keep staying away from porn.

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Lol, maybe. Or maybe I have a hygiene problem, right?

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I mean, it's clearly from a porn shoot / album, not that that picture is porn (it's not).

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In between orgies they vote for more foreign aid with which to pay for more orgies

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Yeah, but very very gay

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He probably likes them uncut and unwashed, with a week's worth off smeg to suck clean off.

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