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Why am I getting a spidey sense from this “monkey pox is from teh gheys” narrative? Does it seem like a setup to counter the anti-CRT movement?


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Fuck! Mine too! We walk past a big open field by the river. One day let her roam around and she slurped up a big green wet one like she was banging a rail of coke. I nearly gagged. Now we have to take a different route because she fiends too hard for goose booty paté.

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Dang it, dogs can be so fucking gross. My gf has a dog who faceplants in shit. She works at one of those dog-friendly offices. I met her for lunch at the park and doggo smashed its whole floppy ear in shit. It was unreal. We walked back to the office to clean her up, but before we could make it to the bathroom, her boss came up to smooch the dog and full-on jammed his face into the dog’s shitty ear. He realized what had happened and literally vomited into his hands trying to get to the can.

gf was stunned. like her ghost completely left her body to hitch a ride to the astral plane. “You’d better get the dog cleaned up.” I said. She came to, and looked down at the shit-smeared beast with pity, disgust, and a yard sale of emotions.

I flicked a peace sign and said, “thanks for lunch. Catch you later” then I moonwalked out the door.

by Burial
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Slaughterhouse Five has been banned many times in many places since it was first published.

Slaughterhouse-Five is widely celebrated as a modern classic, but has also been subject to its fair share of censorship attempts. Due to its use of obscene language, depictions of sexual acts, lack of patriotism, and mentions of homosexuality, the novel has undergone at least eighteen banning attempts in public school systems and libraries in the United States. Some of the bannings have been successful, such as the removal of the novel from Oakland County, Michigan public schools in 1972 and Missouri’s Republic High School in 2011. Slaughterhouse-Five was also the center of attention in 1973 when a school board president in North Dakota burned 32 copies of the novel in the school’s furnace in protest. One of the best-known attempts to ban Slaughterhouse-Five happened in 1982, when Island Trees Union Free Public School District removed a selection of books, including Slaughterhouse-Five, from junior high and high school libraries for being “anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, and just plain filthy.” The appeals made it to the Supreme Court, where it was upheld that the school could not remove the book from libraries under the First Amendment.


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Enron. Bingo. You read my mind. I was legit going to reference Enron.

(Upside: Enron’s electricity shenanigans forced Gray Davis out of office. Arnie is a globo, but Gray Davis was an old-school CA Dem machine.)

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Very astute. I came here to make this case.

Moreover, if it were found that the bots are owned and operated by Twitter itself, now you’re looking at major stock and advertising fraud. Big no-no to goose your key metrics.

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Fall child. If you don’t remember the inflation of the 70s/80s the summer child might be you 😄. Especially for professionals, annual wage increases factored in both past and expected inflation. 10%+ annual increases just to pace inflation were common. This is why the inflation genie is so hard to put back in the bottle: no one wants to back down first. In-demand talent will bolt if employers don’t keep up. This is why Paul Volcker jacked interest rates to nearly 20%. It ranked the economy hard, guaranteed Carter would lose, and finally reined in inflation.

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Classic communist technique: 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Propose outrageous violations of rights, partially relent, watch your opponent claim victory over oppression even though they just lost.

(bonus: the “opposition” is also part of your tribe and was just playing along)

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Here’s another neat trick: the tax brackets don’t have COLA, so as your income goes from $70k to $100k in a few years to match inflation, the IRS gets to take an even bigger bite, even though you aren’t any better off in spending power.

gg no re

TO by Foomer
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You can tell a lot about people by how they respond to “newfag”.

(for lurkers: it doesn’t even mean you’re new. It means you post shit-tier posts and comments. It comes from /pol/ after an influx of posters from newgrounds who posted “le may-may” tier memes)

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I ❤️ slender white girl butts.

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fuggin jack-juice

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I challenge the idea that democrats would push any agenda that doesn’t involve trillions in new spending

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