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White supremacy exists, and it is true.

Whites are the supreme race, history proves it.

Why do you think the activists are trying to erase the history of white accomplishments everywhere?

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Politicians truly are lost souls... These people clearly do not have any critical thinkers or people with integrity in their circles.

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Listen to Death Certificate or Amerikkas most wanted that should be all you need.

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Think about how quickly their popularity and clicks would decline, if the Conservatives and TRUMP were back in leadership?

These so called Conservative social media/radio/TV people NEED this drama, it fuels their bottom line. They simply say be outraged daily, but do nothing about it, sit and stew on it.

Stop engaging with both sides, you are losing either way.

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This guy having the audacity to show his face in public, let alone run for any sort of office, shows clearly how mentally defective politicians are.

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The thing I find amazing is that any logical, critical thinking person knows that the climate IS change. It can never be static. We live on a small rock, hurdling through space in a violent system. At any moment something could take us out, meteor, comet, etc.. The only constant is change. The universe is expanding, our sun is going to explode, guaranteed. Time is the only thing between then and us now.

Being concerned with climate change is akin to re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic after hitting the iceberg. Our course is set, we are on a path that we CAN NOT change, period.

We are fleas on a dog, and that dog is eventually going to die, regardless of what the fleas do.

How any of us would sit in front of this lying demon and give her a platform and nod along, is just outright sad...

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I try not to, because my body hates me the following day.

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You all that are mentioning health are correct. In January of this year, I was 247lbs 5'7 and suffering from a myriad of health issues. I am 50yo male.

End up in the ER with vertigo and racing heartbeat.... tests tests tests... well you seem to be fine, lets put you on this this this. I am sitting there, going wait, I am fine? but I need 3 diff scripts? Not one word about my fat ass or diet, not one. Just drugs, drugs, drugs.

I declined them all, and went home and thought to myself, you are such a fkn slob.

Told my wife, I am going on a 20-4 intermittent fasting diet and when I do eat, meats eggs, veggies, fruits, nuts, done, no breads, nothing that was ever in a bag or on a shelf.. NEVER any SUGAR

Now early March I am down 40lbs, my target is 185, and I haven't been under 200 since 1998.

All the health issues I was experiencing are gone.

The trash we call food is killing you, then the doctors are incentivized to continue killing you with drugs that mask the symptoms enough that you continue to eat like shit. And the public wonders why they are so tired, feel so down, depressed, metal health issues, the list is long.. Pay attention to what you put into your body, don't be lazy about it.

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No one has ever been on our side... except us. Stop waiting for false idols to save you. Do your part.

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Rolling Stone was concept magazine, probably the most popular one for 15 years(late 1980s through early 2000s). The people who made the cover were idolized. Then when this thing called the internet came along, Rolling Stone and every other monthly/weekly publication became immediately irrelevant. Their content was old and dated as people already had consumed whatever they were pitching days/weeks earlier. A dinosaur over night, all of these publications either went hardcore LEFT to suck up to the wildly left fascists of hollywood, or flat out disappeared.

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Do something? I did, I voted for orange man rad. My vote was stolen, along with my business when the Covid Nazis shut down my industry in my old home state for 18 months.

How about fucking off?

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No offense, and the donation I am sure will go to needy recipients, but this is like throwing deck chairs off the Titanic after hitting the iceberg.

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Don't eat a fucking thing from that shithole.

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#1- find your own money, or make the idea/product so good that it walks on its own feet.

#2 through 5b, can fuck someone else in the ass, not you!

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Who on earth will take another single story or expose from Veritas seriously?

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