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Really? Try saying Fauci is a liar vaccine kills people on Twitter or Facebook and watch what happens. Fauci isn't even elected.

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Keyword: Demographic change. White people are pretty much the only ethnicity capable of self-rule. Once White people started letting others take control instead of imposing White values on everyone else, everything goes to shit.

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Can't be grateful for something that we don't have anymore... We need people to realize they don't have it anymore to motivate them fight back.

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No, it's like communist China. Nazis ain't got shit compared to commies. This is going to end up where vaxxed crowd ties up their city's unvaxxed families, rape their mothers and baby daughters, torture the men and boys, and then finally wrap them all up with explosives and set it all off so their limbs and organs fly, and the vaxxed and the anti-White haters will celebrate, this is a true story from a Chinese village during cultural revolution. I'll bet there will be rituals of vaxxed crowds literally eating unvaxxed people's organs to undo the effects of the vax once they realize what the vax does. This shit literally happened in commie china where they took "eat the rich" to 100%. Germans never even got close.

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Jewish organization acting like commies*

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There is no deadman switch, and there never was. Those are garbage LARP worse than Harry Potter fan fictions.

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Offer them vax, all of the vax.

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Racism is an artificial commie dog whistle. We need to stop legitimizing their narrative.

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I no longer trust DeSantis. He passed bills banning criticisms of Jews. Very anti-1A.

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(((The Tribesmen))) over here that are trying to destroy the world all emigrated from Europe in the late 19th and early 20th century. Bank of England has pretty much been their super headquarter since the Napoleanoic War.

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Olympic shootings are the most fake and gay shooting competition. Any local 3 guns competitions has more skills and entertainment going on than any Olympics shooting event.

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This is the right idea. Jesus did said he's going to turn families against each other. Even if a commie is my family, I'm still tossing them out of the helicopter the same way as any other commie.

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Oh I didn't mean to argue, it was meant to be like, "yep and additionally..."

Just typical case of tone being lost over internet I guess.

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People voted for Trump because he seemed like a "fuck you" guy, and people wanted to tell the ruling class "fuck you".

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Yeah, the Vax crowd have been literally saying we should all be slaughtered like pigs.

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