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Sanger was an evil woman for sure.

Conservatives often don't know or recognize that in the time she lived in, doctors could be arrested for telling women that contraceptives existed though.

It is easy in our current age to know that sex leads to children, but no that long ago, that association wasn't obvious or known to the average uneducated person. As ridiculous as that sounds to us now.

Part of her movement was to allow doctors to inform patients that sex led to pregnancy, and that you could prevent pregnancy with contraceptives. Which is a good thing, because its retarded to think that doctors should be arrested for informing their patients of biological truths.

She also wanted to use abortions to depopulate blacks out of the American population, which is abhorantly evil and unforgivable.

Abortion is unequivocally evil. "My body my choice", sure but the baby is not your body. The only scientificly reasonable time to confer personhood is at conception when a new and unique DNA is created. "What about rape and incest!" Yes, horrible and evil and also illegal. The baby is not responsible for the sins of their father, and you dont want to establish that standard. "But the mother will be traumatized!" No, she already was. Which is awful. And we should work to heal her and help her through it. Abortion is not going to heal that trauma, and in fact will be a whole other source of trauma both physical and psychological. "The kid will have a terrible life because it will be born to a young mother who is poor!" Why do you get to decide the quality of someone's life before its lived? Should we get to kill poor people now? How about people who aren't working towards improving their lot in life? Why do you get to determine the quality of someone's life that hasn't yet been lived?

Every pro abortion argument is a strawman that tries to hijack empathy and compassion.

Compassion is only a virtue when enacted at the individual level, because true compassion requires self sacrifice. Groups cannot be compassionate, and a group claiming to be is simply trying to get power by offering people the claim to compassion without the sacrifice. Compassion is a vice if there is no individual sacrifice attached.

Killing your children as babies is never justified. Period. No the circumstances of your life do not grant you justification to murder a non violent helpless individual. Killing your baby will not make your life better. Freedom to indulge in hedonistic desires is not justification for killing a baby.

Outside of rape, you have 100% control over whether or not you get pregnant. Use protection or don't have sex. Practicing abstinence is hard, it requires self control, yes. It is entirely possible for every human on earth. Rape is illegal and all rapists should be buried. Your father being a rapist should not condemn you to death. You dont have to raise the baby, we have robust institutions to care for unwanted kids. Plenty of couples who cannot have children would kill for the opportunity to raise the child youre killing.

Abortion is unhustifiable murder. Murder is immoral. Period.

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Do you think people read the novels you write as replies?

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Your rant about communism sucks faggot. Go larp somewhere else

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Hey retard, try not to let funny memes trigger you into writing essays as if I give a fuck lol.

Stop being a fag on memes

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Now post your profile picture and full name.

or maybe edit/delete this and don't doxx people? creepy

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Keep this authoritarian posturing up and you will be sacrificing your life and the life of your wife and daughters faggot.

Time for the public to start holding public executions of the ruling class again.

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Montana is my favorite state. I plan to settle down there. I have done many multiple month long solo hikes through the mountain ranges of Western Montana and Eastern Idaho. I've spent years in total sleeping in a hammock, fishing in glacial lakes at over 10k feet, and meeting amazing people.

It is gorgeous, the most beautiful place in the country imo. The towns are far and few between, but they have plenty to do if you want that type of thing. I am drawn to the fact that Montana is still mostly wild country.

Wild sage scrubs, gorgeous mountains towering above vast valleys that make the world actually feel bigger. Cowboy culture is still alive there. Even the liberal population is far to the right of Cali conservatives. Weed is legal. Big "leave me the fuck alone and we're cool" vibes.

The only thing is that Winters can be a motherfucker. But there are hotsprings to help you through.

My buddy has a few thousand acres out in the mountains, and although his driveway is used for public access in the summers to a mountain lake, in the winters the roads aren't maintained by the township, and so he has construction dump trucks, graters, and plows. When it snows over night, it takes him 8 hours to clear his driveway to the publicly maintained roads.

It is super remote and rural by most people's standards. And it is certainly not the place for everyone. But for a certain type of person, looking for a particular and mostly lost way of life, it is heaven.

A few years ago an entire town went up for sale, jackson Montana, which has a hotspring as it's only real business. There is a laundry, a small shop, and a couple houses. Whole town was selling for like $800k. I seriously considered it lol.

I would jump at the opportunity, but that is me. You should book a trip to visit the town and see if you could actually hack it out there.

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Incoming: Retards in the comment section jerking off to vigilante justice without any actual proof that the dead guy is in-fact a pedo.

We have rule of law for a reason retards.

Or maybe now we can just kill people and get away with it by writing "pedo" on their chest in marker.

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Then it is up to the Taiwanese to secure their freedom. You need to purge yourself of the psy-op you've been brainwashed with. It is not our responsibility or job to secure the freedom of every nation on Earth. It is specifically that empire mindset that has led to our nation crumbling into what it is now.

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That is such a strawman.

Our borders end at the oceans, not in Asia. China can't stop trading with us, they own all our debt. We are their biggest market. You are also assuming that there are no solutions to that, as if trading through Taiwan is the only possible way that a global trade network could ever exist.

And if we were to stop trading with China and producing our own goods again, that would be an improvement.

You want to fight a war in Asia to support the globohomo one world system?

If Taiwan and it's people want to be free, then they need to fight for and secure their freedom. The same goes for all peoples. Americans didn't call the world police in to fight off the British and establish the country. They fought the greatest empire the world has ever known.

The fact that you are rationalizing nuclear war as an option over China, the largest/oldest/wealthiest nation in Asia, trying to have more control over the Asian land mass is just retarded. It's also not an actual option.

There is no future where China just gives in to how the West thinks they should operate. So, either we stop with the Empire larp that is raping our culture and focus inwards on fixing the all the problems that we've created expressly from the empire larp we've been doing since WW2, or we have a thermo-nuclear war and end the species because it's our job to dictate how every country operates in the world.

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Its the complacency and desire to bury their head in the sand now that they have the access to the information that is the problem. And it's not all Boomers. My issue is with this specific flavor of "conservative' boomer who still platforms globalist agendas and doesn't realize that they're still as blind as the leftists they mock. Posturing Larpers who think they are culture warriors when they contribute nothing of value.

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You're a retarded faggot. That's fine.

You play pretend as a tough guy in your head. I bet you're just a balding overweight soy dependent neckbeard. Also, you are the same type of retard that holds a collectivist mind set. "let antifa kill your people". Sure faggot. Think that. Maybe come to realize that you are literally the mirror image of those commie fags.

I live in a conservative rural area. I manufacture guns for a living. I have no fear of Lefty Larp fags like you, or the Han Chinese supremacists. You know why? They are in China. If they come here and start a war, which they won't because only a retard like you would think that a possibility, then they would be decimated.

You're a fake Christian parading around playing a crusader larp in your head. The amount of faggotry you emanate is laughable. You are advocating for boots on the ground in a foreign nation to force our values onto others in an authoritarian manner. You are prostrating that we need to be responsible for securing the freedom of all peoples of the world. Which is retarded.

You don't police the world and start conflicts with nuclear powers while your homeland is crumbling specifically because you've tried to be the world police for the past 100 years. Maybe pull yourself away from sucking your boyfriends cock and study history for like 5 seconds?

I mean, how fucking retarded are you man? Are you really that brainwashed?

If you are representative of the average Trump follower, then the movement is doomed.

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The Mises Caucus Libertarians are the only political group that has been consistently good on Covid, Vax's, War, and Political Corruption.

Calling Jo Jorgensen a Libertarian is like calling Pence a Conservative.

The blue-pilled retards are being purged from the party, as is evident from NH primaries.

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My family has been in America for well over 100 years before there was even a country.

Just because I'm not a globohomo war hawk faggot like you doesn't mean I'm Chinese, you smooth brained retard.

Enjoy the Rino cock you blind mother fucker.

You're the type of retard pushing for nuclear war thinking you won't be caught in the blast zone.

You might as well be a commie since you push their globohomo war propaganda. Faggot

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You're a globalist faggot.

I dont give a fuck about China or Asia.

We shouldn't have intervened in WW2 either. You're just a typical boomer neo con who thinks its your place to rule the world.

America First, America Only.

I said in my previous post, if they stay out of America, I couldn't care less about them.

There will always be shithole authoritarian regimes committing horrors on people. Its not our job to police the world and rape our own people's standard of living to maintain a globohomo war machine so the deepstate can send our children to die for their faggotry.

You think you're red pulled, but you're just another neo-con Rino dem.

Fuck off globohomo warhawk

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Ironically meme stocks are a safe haven in this type of environment.

My salary is stagnant. Inflation is rising. But I turned 30k into 200k investing in a movie theater when no one is going to the movies, and a retail video game store in the era of digital downloads.

And because market makers are retarded the price of gold and silver are suppressed until the FED admits they won't (cant) do anything about inflation, which is letting me load up for cheap.

Got my guns, my ammo, my garden, my livestock, my community, my food and water, and my hard assets.

If you haven't been prepping yet, you gotta start. Anyone reliant on corporate supply chains needs to fix that asap

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Too many countries have nukes for any one to use one without ushering in the extinction of the species. We all have dead man's hands in place to garuentee mutual destruction.

Although, honestly, China should have influence and control in Asia. Our borders end at the ocean. We have major issues we need to address at home. Our role is not as world police. Individuals need to fight for their own freedom, just as we did in the 1700s. China is the super power in Asia, they should have influence in Asia. Same for Russia in Europe.

Keep their philosophy and influence in their own country, and thered be no issues.

Mexico and Canada are the only countries we should be concerned with. America first. Fuck China. Fuck funding the protection of the Eastern world. Fuck Europe.

No more empire.

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Funny how the Left all of a sudden doesn't want brown people oppressed by their government to immigrate to America when they're anti-communists with conservative values.

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I said "But its a female penis" on a post about that lady telling staff she doesn't want troons in the changing room with her and her daughter. 7 day ban

Ban ends and I immediately get perma ip ban without posting anything else.

Website is clearly run by transformers

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Thats what its called! I couldn't remember the name, so I just duckduck'd "big guy tied down by little people story".... the results were. . . Interesting.

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Go do something then. Or just keep REEE posting about how no one is doing anything.

Or just enjoy funny meme posts and go stew on a more serious thread lol

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