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She believes they can prove it? She doesn't know it? If she has hard evidence why "we believe"? Sounds like she has nothing to me.

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I hope people vote but this one is lost already. Walker is mentally incompetent and the runoff has just given voters more time to figure that out. He was a terrible choice from the beginning, but Trump loves celebrities so we get Walker and Oz sinking our chances to take back the Senate.

Make your voice heard by all means but don't plan on Walker getting through this with a win.

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This was always a stupid move. Why should taxpayers fund Disney world roads and services? It was poorly thought through and now they have to backpedal because nobody wants to take on the cost of managing and maintaining Disney's properties.

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Dude, the winners don't protest. That's an absurd take. That's like asking why there were no Democrat protests on Jan 6.

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Let's be realistic here: every single candidate and elected official, including every one of our MAGA favorites, has sent similar emails. Twitter like any social media company relies on user reports to find bad actors and these email channels are just one of many ways. I report NFT shills every day; it doesn't mean I'm colluding with Twitter.

What we really need is evidence that Twitter gave preferential treatment to one side's reports, and nothing that has come out so far gives us that.

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While they sit at home. Let's not be like the left and make shit up.

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They are not holding anyone without bail. That is a falsehood that we need to stop trying to push.

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Conceding means nothing. Only official results matter. See 2020 Trump not conceding.

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Great. Now someone needs to show the evidence.

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