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No. Voting is fake and ghey. I want an absolute monarchy the way it was when Christendom was at its zenith.

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I'm just waiting for people to shit all over your comment but honestly you're not wrong. Now she's plugging "defund the FBI" merch. "Hey isn't this awful, pls give me money!"

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Lol, I can just feel the disappointment of all the retards in fake news who were hoping and praying it was a white man.

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Lol, noticing things makes us Nazis apparently. Whatever, idiots.

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This is the correct attitude, not the stupid retard cucks here saying "wE ShOuLdnT SaY ViOLeNt ThInGs, ThEyLL UsE iT AgAiNsT Us." They already hate you and want you dead regardless of how "nice" you play with them.

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Modern "Catholicism" is more like Lutheranism than actual Catholicism. Compare the Novus Ordo mass to the Traditional Latin Mass and you'll see it looks more like a Lutheran service than the Mass which defined Catholicism for 1900 years. Thomas Cranmer could have only dreamed to see the Vatican in the current state it's in now. And it all makes sense when you discover that protestants were invited to the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s to assist with the "reforms" in the Church.

The Traditional Latin Mass and the eastern Divine Liturgies (both Orthodox and Catholic) are the only Apostolic forms of worship in Christianity.

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Lmao, comments are restricted.

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Removing a tyrant from power is justified ONLY if the means of doing so and whatever will replace it don't oppress the people more than the status quo. We all know how that turned out with the demonic French revolution.

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How about yes. God gave us the Virgin Mary for women to have a proper role model to aspire to. Every time a man loves a woman, he's looking for qualities that the Mother of God has.

Jesus = God. Mary = Jesus's mother. Therefore Mary = the mother of God. You cannot say "she was just the mother of Jesus's human part" because you cannot separate Jesus's humanity from His divinity, that is a Nestorian heresy that protestants damn themselves with by keeping it alive. Mary is the bride of God the Father and the mother of God the Son. This is orthodox, true belief.

All those other pagan goddesses in this depiction are nothing more than demonic corruptions of the truth. Will people also accuse the Old Testament fathers like Moses and Melchizedek of being pagans because they made blood sacrifices on an altar just like pagans did to their demons?

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I'm sure Jesus will take very kindly to you insulting His own mother whom HE created perfect and saved before she even had the chance of being stained by sin.

The devil has hated women ever since he targeted Eve and he hates the Virgin Mary more than God Himself because of her perfect humility and obedience, which Lucifer was incapable of having. You have that same sprit in you, get rid of it. "I will put enmity between thee and the woman."

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Lmao I'm a woman and thought this was a shitpost at first 😂 is OP for real with this? 🤣 If a guy doesn't hate the gays and can't tolerate my racist jokes, it's a dealbreaker. You either wanna take back the Holy Land with me and get all infidels including Jews and Muslims to convert, or you can sit this one out.

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The comments section of the daily mail is where a lot of normie conservatives go and there was an article today about an old white dementia lady who walked out of a Walmart and forgot to pay for $15 worth of stuff and the cops broke her arm, threw her down, and gave her a ton of other injuries to the point where she needs round the clock care now and there were STILL people defending the police on that saying "WeLL ShE ShOuLd HaVe JuSt FoLLoWeD ThE LaW."

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Statistically, a child is 144 times more likely to be sexually assaulted by a public school teacher than by a priest.

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Grammies won't take care of you when you're old and you'll be pretty lonely on your deathbed with only those around.

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Honestly they'd be better off. I was in HS when the Big Mike Obama lunches rolled in and that trash literally looked like the plastic models of food in restaurants except it didn't even resemble food. It tasted like plastic too. Not getting hormone-pumped government rations is a win.

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Nothing new, Germany's been destroying Europe since 1517.

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