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Right. Trying to lull people back in to compliance after having been viciously attacked and abused for years on end.

You can keep that load of horse crap.

We have a score to settle, and it doesn't involve making friends with our abusive enemies.

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But, the flu numbers went down to under 2,000...

The Science (tm) is all right there in black and white,,,,,

by Bullgod
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Is it more of a live and let live attitude??

You can defend yourself and your position strongly without being consumed by blind hatred, which he doesn't seem to be.

He knows that they want him to be pissed and put him in that position that they accuse him. But he is refusing to back down or be consumed by the BS, which makes them ever more enraged and hostile.

I haven't seen the interview, but the way they've been after him, I almost don't need to.

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Is writing and selling books that important at such a time??

How about running your State, punish the groomers, and deport some criminal aliens back over the SOUTHERN border, where they pour in by the thousands every day.

Not saying he hasn't done some good work, but write the fuckin book later when you fix some actual problems.

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True. It's clear cut suppression while knowing that certain voting blocks show up on ELECTION DAY to vote in person.

There was obvious malfeasance throughout the entire process, and everyone knows it.

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'Asylum seekers,' aka freeloading ingrates who will invade and destroy your country as soon as they have the numbers, if not much sooner.

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State can blatantly violate chain of custody, tell you they don't care, tell you it doesn't matter that voters were suppressed and disenfranchised, and nothing you can do about it.

Oh, and if you protest or disagree, we will sue you and use threats of deadly force as means of compliance.

Any questions???

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Muh unprecedented.

Muh no standing.

Muh no reasonable prosecutor.

When the fuck does it end?????

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Saw this posted here a while back. Good watch. Better than most hollywood BS that I don't care for. Thanks for posting.

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Our vote harder strategy is directly used against us, giving them exact info on how much cheating and where it is needed for 'next time.'

Nothing more than an exercise in fraud and manipulation of our electoral system.

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My neighbor went in to the hospital about the same time. Middle-age, and relatively good shape / health from what I could tell.

Strict or no visitation allowed. Dead in 2 weeks.

Then there's the numerous stories of died suddenly following the jabs.

You have to be willfully ignorant at this point to not admit to yourself what is happening.

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I believe they did. Then they skaters removed the sand, only to be thwarted again by the scumbags, IRC.

Total commie shit that needs to be ended with unmistakable force.

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That, shutting down skate parks, gyms, churches, etc.

That was basically our moment, and many if not most of us failed ourselves and our children for playing their communist games after some of the smoke cleared.

I hope we learned something from our disgusting failure, but it will continue to reflect poorly until justice is served for these unrelenting attacks on us.

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And books containing graphic depictions of child sexual abuse, mental illness and homo behavior.

Those are the 'books' they refer to.

Prove me wrong.

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The real McCarthy-ism we should be set against.

Being a subversive RINO, and using our laundered tax dollars against us is the biggest crime and scandal in our nation's history.

Traitors must pay.

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Good. Next step is drive them out of town as a warning to future assholes.

They have no problem putting us on billboards and throwing us in gulags.

Turnabout is fair play, and the only way to win this war.

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Heard another guy drifted off the road with his son in the car, hit a wall. Some CEO or something???

The son survived.

Sounds like another died suddenly.

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So we'll all get apologies now for being called Russian agents???

Will media accounts be restored???

Will the fact checkers learn to code???

Will the retarded faggots who signed off saying it was all muh disinformation be questioned for their coordinated false statements???

Tune in tomorrow at 11...

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Hates women???

Who has destroyed women sports, puts men in women's and kids bathrooms, and encourages women to murder their own children???

Clown world commie can GTFO.

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Can't forget we killed all muh Indians and stole all their lands. You know, the land that was mostly uninhabited until muh evil white mans came along and stole all of it.

And every white person alive today is also guilty of slavery...from 400 years ago.

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Wha? And let people come to their own conclusions based on the evidence and reality that they see and experience.

Who would suggest such a thing!!???!!111!

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This is real???

I know the bar is nonexistent for these clowns, but still.

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The next person that asks me to take a vax is getting boosted.

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